Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was a young girl who went into hiding with her family and other family friends. Anne is a girl that was alive during World War 2. Anne was 14 years old when they first went into hiding. She was very outspoken in the play. For instance, When she says to Peter that she wants to be a writer and move to Paris. Anne is a talkative girl, and always expresses her ideas, opinions, and feelings.

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Symbol 1

I chose the pencil to symbolize Anne. I chose a pencil because Anne was always writing in her diary. She loved to write an was excited when she got the diary. She liked to write about what was going on everyday with the people in the annex. Anne would write about big things that happened in her diary like when peter tripped on someone found out they’re in the annex. she would also write about little things that happened.
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Symbol 2

I chose the microphone to symbolize Anne. I chose the microphone because Anne likes to talk a lot. For instance in the play there were times when the people in the Annex got annoyed of how much she liked to talk. For instance Mr. Vaan dan was arguing over how much she talked so much. Mr. Vaan Dan even told Anne that she needs to Learn to be quiet like Margot. Anne responded to him by saying She would rather die.

Always hold on to hope even through tough situations

One theme in the play was always hold on to hope even through tough situations because even though they were stuck in the annex for a long time and always risked getting caught. Anne never gave up hope. One time in the play Anne said that after the war she would go be a writer in Paris. Another person who had hope was Meip because she would always write on the cake what year the war would end.

Good will overcome evil

One theme in the play was good will overcome evil. Even though Anne was in a concentration camp she was still found a way to be happy. Anne even though she was in a concentration she was still running around trying to have fun. I think that even if they were going to die Anne was happy to be out of the annex after such a long time.