rice university

by johnson

A Beautiful Campus

1 Nearly half of all Rice students are from out of state,so you wont be the only one.

2 All students will be required to finish two P.E. type classes of Lifetime Physical Activity Program, or LPAP, before graduation from rice university. 3 Rice is ranked second for universities with highest quality of life, and sixth for happiest students,so dont bring a frown to rice. 4 Rice University is known for its pranking genius and loud gestures. In 1942, a student talked his friend at the Houston Zoo into letting him borrow a live elephant for a campaign. The sign read ‘this is no bull: vote for Baird’! (he ended up winning the campaign at the end. 5 the university has saved its students an estimated 30 million with its use of free textbooks. 6 The university’s founder and namesake, William Marsh Rice, buried his ashes on campus, beneath his statue. Making Rice the largest cemetery in all of Texas, with only one body buried on it. That we know of, at least….... hopefully this is fake.

7 a private university located on a 295-acre campus in houston,texas . 8 Rice competes in 14 NCAA Division I varsity sports and is a part of Conference USA(thats allot).

9 the tuition is 38,941 dollars.