NST Begginer Tier


General Questions

Name: Valeria Serrano Bojórquez

Career: Business and International Commerce

Fun fact: People say my laugh is funny, and in fact i'm pretty much all of the time laughing.

AIESEC Experience

I've been an AIESECer since february 2013, i started in iGCDP and had different TLP roles, i was very good at servicing to the trainees. I applied for VP iGCDP on 2014 and didn't get elected, that helped me to be more perseverant and to develop self awareness of me.

On December 2014 i got elected for NST AD iGCDP Servicing in the term of Sabina, i developed some new strategies for NPS and Servicing to trainees.

Then on 2015 i applied again for the role of EB, once again choosing VP iGCDP.. this time i got elected for VP! but not in iGCDP. I was elected for oGIP based on my interview and my profile. Let me tell you that it's been the best AIESEC xp in my life, full of challenges and positive results.

What is NST role to me

Being oGIP NST is a great challenge, they are the right hand of the MCB and MCVP, and the right support for VPs. I see this role as a chance to connect with the new VPs and deliver the passion i have for oGIP and all the strategies that worked for me during my term as VP.

"Leadership is the ability to not just have a vision, but to act on it and engage others around you to act on it. Successfully."

My purpose/motivation for oGIP

I only have 1 year in oGIP, but 1 year has been enough to realize how great this area is, it should be more relevant to the eyes of every LC. We are not only gaining lots of selling and servicing skills, but most important we are engaging young people to develop their leadership potential, have a global mindset and work in proffesional environments, all of this to become better citizens for Mexico and the world, pretty big deal huh?. This is my motivation for oGIP.. those young people developing themselves abroad.

My biggest achievement and failure in AIESEC

I used to say that my biggest failure was not getting elected for VP IGCDP in 2014 but for some time now i have realized that it wasn't a failure at all, it was the best decision for them to make because i wasn't ready yet to become EB, and i'm thankful it happened that way.

My biggest achievement has been being VP oGIP and being partner of the development of my members, watching them grow a little bit more every month, it's a big satisfaction for me. Another achievement is the medal we won for best performance in oGIP in our cluster !