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Legacy Christian Academy - Elementary Computer Lab

Practice, Practice, Practice...

The keyboarding lessons are found at Click on Student Login at the top of the page. Each student is assigned a lesson according to their ability. All lessons are due Monday, May 2nd in order to receive a Certificate.

Computer Class Activities

Pre K4 is working on mouse skills through learning games.

Kindergarten is working on Accelerated Math . Weekly reports are being sent home.

First Grade is learning to love computers through educational games.

Second Grade is working in Word and Publisher creating Invitations.

Third - Fifth Grade is working in Excel. Creating a game called "Magic Box." During this project they size cells, color cells, outline cells, align cells, create formulas, copy formulas, and manipulate numbers using higher-level thinking.

Students Loving Technology

What is this Control Key ?

What Shortcut Keys are the most common?

Copy: Ctl + C

Paste: Ctl+V

Cut: Ctl+X

Underline: Ctl + U

Bold: Ctl +B

Left Align: Ctl+L

Right Align: Ctl +R

Center: Ctl +E

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