Ghana Kingdom

by: Ryan Kinder


Is found in the upper Niger River Valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the western coast of Africa.

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Beginning & End

The kingdom emerged as early as 500 A.D. They prospered for a while until they were weakened by wars to the point of callapse around 1100A.D.


Most people in the Ghana Kingdom were farmers, but their economy prospered due to their abundance of iron and gold ores. They blacksmiths opened up a huge trade of weapons and jewelry using their stores of gold and iron. The surplus gold was used to trade for other items. Salt was also a huge trade as it was used to preserve food and replenish mineraks to the human body. Ghana once established eventualy started to trade ivory, ostrich feathers, hides, and slaves.


The Kingdom was ruled by kings that were very strong. They soley relied on military power to keep people in line and follow the orders of the king.