Investment Strategy

Fixed Interest Engine

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy service, access an objective features of, Tactical asset allocation & interactive and tailored investment strategy, along with Strategic asset allocation resource, leveraging off the Strategy Engine platform.

Heuristics provides some interesting features are giving below:

  • Equity sector strategy
  • Tactical and strategic asset allocation
  • Chart packs and reports
  • Interactive strategy sessions
  • Bespoke projects and ad-hoc access
  • Investment committee membership

(SERVICES) Strategy Engine

  • Scenario analysis
  • Analytical tools
  • Model building
  • Event studies
  • Screening, ranking tools
  • Chart building and chart packs
  • Upload data from various sources
  • Upload data from various sources
  • Back testing strategies
  • Establish watches, triggers
  • Presentation platform

Fixed Interest Engine

We were Australians oriented front office portfolio management systems, especially we were focus on investment.

  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Dealing
  • “what –if” analysis
  • Performance
  • Reporting

Platform for testing, formulating and presenting investment strategies

  • Analytical tools to test investment ideas and relationships
  • A centralized repository for economic and financial data
  • Test investment ideas, relationships
  • Interactive strategy presentation tool
  • Intelligence is resurfaced
  • Events, modeling, scenario analysis, back testing
  • Intelligence is surfaced
  • Interactive strategy

Efficiencies in managing, utilizing data

· Avoids risks with spreadsheets

· Indicators, watches, alerts “bubble” to surface

· Central repository of data

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