Canada during the year 2050

by: Abhishek Deorukhkar

Canada at A Glance

Canada is a growing country in natural resources and education. it is also home to a lot of space and open land. i will be covering three topics the demography, immigration and the first nations. first i'll talk about our current situation for each sub-topic

Immigration: Overview and 2050 Prediction

in our current state Canada has grown a lot in immigration, population and the first nations. many advances in medicine as well. the top 10 countries that immigrate to Canada in the year 2010 are

1. Chinese

2. Filipinos

3. Indians

4. British

5. Americans

6. French

7. Arabs

8. people from UAE

9. people from Morroco

10. Koreans

in the year 2050 i think that there will be a dramatic increase in the number of immigrants who want to come to Canada. Making it difficult to get jobs, homes, food etc.

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this figure is is telling us that the bigger the green dots the more immigrants are from there. With China leading with 155 105 people who have immigrated to Canada

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Demography: Overview and 2050 Prediction

Canada thought to bring immigrants over so that they could expand manpower and so they can increase population linking this to immigration, "one sixth of Canada's total population are immigrants." the peak of immigrants that came were of the year 1913, in the year 2050 demography that is shown up here will change dramatically if there were natural disasters, wars, taking over a country etc. It can also stop immigration depending on what happens such as lack of housing, jobs, or maybe immigration will be stopped due to the vast amount of immigrants that might want to move to Canada.

First Nations: Overview and 2050 Prediction

the first nations are becoming now very rare in Canada or even in the world, With them being neglected by the growing generation. first nations people have limited resources and not a lot of backing from the government. they live on reserves and live life like they normally would as an Indian.

my prediction on first nations in the year 2050 is that since aboriginals have always had high birth rates, they will increase dramatically become noticeable, even though there are some signs of decrease, the population will still grow

the graph above is showing us the census of aboriginals to mainstream people living in each province of Canada.

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the graph above represents the total population in Canada as of 2014 giving us 4 different data groups living in a couple, living alone, in a collective and other

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How Will My Life Be Different In The Year 2050 Compared to My Parents' Life Now ?

my life will be more significantly different than to my parents because of two points. One being that there will be more advanced technology will help get things done faster if not better. and secondly that there will be more opportunities as an elder than there is now. Technology is both a good and a bad thing it can help do things faster but it limits a humans capability to actually do it to basically "it" does most of it for you (whatever it may be). In the year 2050 there will certainly not be pay phones or radios because as humans we like to keep on adapting to new things whether it be easy or difficult. now a days my parents like to stay in touch with our family and keep everything up to date. The way I see it is that in the year 2050 mostly everything that you need to remember will be stored in a USB or on your phone so there won't be a reason to forget anymore. my parents are trying to adapt to whatever is new whether it may be laptops or phones. in 2050 we will be so technologically advanced that we might start to miss things that we didn't have. my second point is about the ever so expanding workforce. even when i am a suitable age to retire, there will always something for me to do as a worker because of our rapidly growing workforce. even though there will be an approximate of 9 billion people in the world. the new age of technology has endless opportunities whether it be for a 14 year old or a 56 year old.

in conclusion my life is going to very different then of my parents life now because of the growing environment and workforce which will have to accommodate Canada's population and more so the world's