Morgan Elementary Color Run

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Morgan Elementary is hosting...A Color Run!

Morgan Elementary and Morgan Volunteers PTO are hosting a Color Run fundraising event! This event is intended to be our biggest fundraiser for the year and will be our ONLY fundraiser for the year IF we reach our goal of $30,000!

The funds raised will cover: field trip busing, assemblies, Raz Kids/Learning A-Z, Mystery Science, classroom stipends for additional supporting materials, PTO events (Bingo night, fall festival), teacher training, playground equipment, and more! Funds will be collected by the Morgan Volunteers PTO and shared with all students at Morgan!

Colorful Details!

When: Thursday, October 10 (rain date of Friday, October 11)

Goal: To raise $30,000 or more for Morgan Elementary students!

Why: To fund additional activities and materials for Morgan students, such as: Learning A-Z/Raz Kids, Mystery Science, classroom stipends for support materials, field trip busing costs, assemblies/presenters, Literacy support materials, playground equipment, family fun nights and more!

How: Donations can be gathered from friends, family, neighbors and community supporters of Morgan Elementary. Checks made out to Morgan Volunteers PTO can be sent to the main office OR you can donate online through the Morgan Volunteers PTO web page. The link to the web page is below. Please complete the donation form (linked below) and return to Morgan in a sealed envelope with your child so we know who has donated what amounts for incentives and prizes. Please label the envelope with Morgan Color Run, your child's name, your child's teacher.

Donations are due Wednesday, October 9 to be eligible for incentives.


  • $25 donation per child will receive a free pair of sunglasses to wear during the run.
  • $75 donation per child will receive the sunglasses and a commemorative t-shirt to wear after the run is over.
  • $150 donation per child will receive sunglasses, commemorative t-shirt and get to do the morning announcements with Mrs. Lasky for a day.
  • $300 per child will receive sunglasses, commemorative t-shirt, morning announcements and PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY!
  • The highest earner in each classroom will be able to squirt color on the runners in the alternate running session (eg. 3rd grader squirts students running in grades 4-6)
  • The classroom with the highest donation total will receive either a popcorn or snow cone party.
  • Highest earner in the school will get to by Physical Education Teacher for a Day

Running Schedule and Details

There will be two running sessions:

  • 12:30 - 1:00 PM for Grades 2-3
  • 1:10- 1:40 PM for Grade 6
  • 1:50 - 2:20 PM for Grades K-1, AIM
  • 2:30-3:00 PM for Grades 4-5

Parents can come and watch/cheer on their child during the run, but be aware of the possibility of being coated in color!

Permission Slip: There is a permission slip that needs to be completed for students to participate in the fun run. ALL students will run regardless of donation. There is a shorter, inside track available for any students who do not want to have color on them. Students without a permission slip will be able to run the inside track without color.

Volunteers: We will need extra hands to help throughout this event. A link to our Signup Genius is below as well. Those helping with color will end up covered in color as well. We also need set up/clean up crew and classroom donations of baby wipes to clean up color after running.

What to Bring the Day of the Run:

  • an extra white/light colored shirt (cotton works best). Students can change into this shirt to run, then back into their clean shirt after.
  • towel to wipe off color after running. The powder will brush off and wipe off after running.
  • bag to put colored shirt and towel in after the run.

After the run: Per the company web page, the color should come out when clothes are washed. They recommend a bath/shower that day to rinse the color out of hair and off body when arriving home. Celebrate a great day of fun at Morgan and help reach our fundraising goal!

Shout Outs During the Run: We have Shout Outs available for $3 each. Your message to your child will be broadcast by the DJ while your child is running! Wish your child good luck, tell them how proud you are, encourage your child to keep running! The Shout Out order form is also linked below.

Color Run Permission Slip

Must have a completed permission slip to participate

Color Run Donation Form

Donation form for the Color Run

Shout Out Order Form

Order a Shout Out to be read during your child's run

Volunteer for Color run

Sign up genius link

Morgan Volunteers PTO Web Page

Donate online through the PTO Web Page

Color Blaze Company--suppliers of powdered color

Company providing the color powder for the color run