Colonial News

Book: The Fighting Grounds By Avi

A Battle Breaks Out!

Somewhere in New Jersey, a battle against the Hessians has broken out! Luckily, young boys are very eager to join our militia, some even sneaking out against their parents wishes! Hopefully, we'll return those boys safe and sound.

Boy Kidnapped by Hessians Escapes!

All is Not Well.

13 year old soldier, Jonathan, (last name unknown), was captured by Hessians. He found a Tory child and tried to save him. This action, of course, is forgivable. The child was most likely to young to have been infected by his parents values. The truly horrendous act was when his corporal told him to lure the Hessians out of hiding, and instead of doing so, he decided that since they hadn't TECHNICALLY hurt him, he would try to get them to surrender. The Hessians turned on him, of course, using him to try and avoid being killed. He then abandoned his unit, being too much of a coward to even finish the battle. For shame.

A Revolution

Attention, all! The revolution against England has officially begun! General George Washington has declared war against the Redcoats. Those devilish fiends! We'll show them! We've been wanting freedom for a long time, and now, with a stamp tax, parchment tax, and even a tea tax, we're getting it! Let's show them who's boss!