Coastal Geologist

Geologists Study The Earth

How Geologists Work!!!

Geologists are experts in the field of Geology, The study of what the earth is made of and how it was formed.

Coastal Geologist;

Geologist study the earth and the processes that shape our planet. Geologist prepare reports on things they find, do calculations and use computers.

WORK CONDITIONS: Geologist working conditions may vary, it's important to be flexible. You will usually work regular office hours but are likely to spend more time working when sent on site.

Activities: Study the structure and dynamics of the Earth and it's natural resources (metals,oil,gas,etc...,)

1)Plan field investigations
2)Locate and study natural resources
3)Produce reports on findings
4)Produce geological maps

Education: You need to hold at least an under graduate university degree in geology, or earth science to become a professional geologist.

Pros vs. Cons:
1)Salary is above the national average
2)Employee benefit when working with the government

1)Irregular and extended hours can be necessary out in the field
2)Traveling is required for field work

Equipment needed:
1)Mineral test kit : You will need when you want to test and identify all the rocks and minerals you collect
2)Screen sieves: Used for separating wanted from unwanted items
3)Rock tumble kit: used to polish rocks

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