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September 2021


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A letter from your Principal

Hello Royal Oaks Caregivers and WELCOME BACK!

As I mentioned to many at Ready, Set, Go, I have had 45 "First Days of School" and I have never been more excited than I was for this "First Day of School"! It has been SO GOOD to have all our Rockets back in school. Hopefully you are hearing stories about school and relationships at the dinner table. Keep asking questions. It is so important that your child sees you taking an interest in their day at school. Thank You.

A highlight (at least for me) has been the opportunity to celebrate the great choices our Rockets are making by showing the Rocket Way. Our Rocket Way consists of five major themes that we define and acknowledge with specific feedback. Our Rocket Way themes are:





Self Control

I encourage Every Child to strive to earn at least one Rocket Award a year. Defining, teaching and acknowledging the Rocket Way is a great way to educate the "whole child"--something we believe strongly in here at Royal Oaks. Not only do we want our Rockets to excel at reading, writing, and math, but we want them to be able to:

  • work with others, be a good friend, and problem solve with others (Cooperation)
  • ask for help when you need it, try your best even when things are hard (Assertiveness)
  • do the things you're supposed to do, make positive choices (Responsibility)
  • understand how others are feeling even when you aren't in the same situation (Empathy)
  • use your tools or strategies to be ready to learn (Self Control)

Royal Oaks is a great place to learn and work because of the effort of everyone involved--students, staff, and caregivers. I mentioned Ready, Set, Go above. Do you know we had 87% of our students' caregivers show up that night. That is wonder our Rockets fly so high. We are all working together to support them. I am excited for this year. I think this year will be a little "extra sweet" because of the challenges of last year.

I look forward to working with all of you to make this year the best one yet!

Thanks for all you do and we will see you all out on the soccer field on Thursday, September 16 for our Rocket Run!

Go Rockets!

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Royal Oaks Family Engagement Plan

In an effort to improve communication, each school has created a Family Engagement Plan. Royal Oak's plan is linked below.

What is a Sun Prairie Family Engagement Plan?
Each school shall have a written family engagement plan including the role of school, family and students in the education process; information about best ways to communicate between families and staff; frequency and format of school newsletters; who to contact if students/families have a question, suggestion or concern; plans for family/teacher conferences and opportunities for family learning activities and engagement in the education of students. The school’s family engagement plan should be communicated annually to families in a language understood by families to the extent feasible. See District Policy KBA, Procedure KBA-R.

Please reach out with any questions. Thanks for all you do!

Royal Oaks Family Engagement Plan


Children who attend school regularly and on time are more successful in school as they do not miss important instructional time. These are important life skills to follow. We appreciated all that you do as parents to assist your children with developing positive attitudes and habits about school.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) may report a student absence to Royal Oaks by calling our Attendance Line at 608-834-7200, press 1 to report a student absence.

Please do not leave a message on the attendance line after 9:00 AM. You can call Ms. Colón

directly at 608-834-7210 anytime after 9:00 AM to report any absence or a student leaving early.

If we don’t hear from you by this time, we will contact you at home or work. We want to make certain of every child’s safe arrival. We will call every number on your child’s emergency contact list until we can reach someone. Please make sure these contacts stay up to date.

Please leave a short message with the following information:

· Child’s name

· Teacher’s Name or Grade

· Reason for Absence

· Who is calling

Please do NOT call your child’s teacher.

Your child’s absence will be considered UNEXCUSED if:

We do not receive a call or call back regarding your child's absence

If your family is planning an absence, please indicate in writing, the dates that your child will be gone. Send or give this to the main office PRIOR to the day of absence.

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Welcome to our new Rockets and shared Rockets!

Maggie Bauman- 3rd grade Teacher

Rashinika Calloway- Special Education Assistant

Tahiya Nazish- 4th Grade Teacher

Maya Peterson- Music Teacher

Lucila Polo- EL Assistant shared with PMMS

Xue Vang- El Assistant shared with CS

Jamie Reynen-5th grade Teacher

School Hours and Days

Monday---8:20 AM-3:18 PM

Tuesday--8:20 AM-3:18 PM

Wednesday-- 8:20 AM- 3:18 PM

Thursday--8:20 AM-2:03 PM ( EARLY RELEASE DAY)

Friday--8:20 AM-3:18 PM

( Doors open at 8:10 AM)

Lunch and Recess Schedule

3rd Grade- Recess: 11:05-11:25-Lunch 11:30-11:50

5th Grade- Recess: 11:20-11:40-Lunch 11:45-12:05

2nd Grade-Recess: 11:35-11:55-Lunch 12:00-12:20

4th Grade- Recess: 11:50-12:10-Lunch 12:15-12:35

Kindergarten-Recess:12:05-12:25-Lunch 12:30-12:50

1st Grade-Recess:12:20-12:40-Lunch 12:45-1:05

Recess Times:

Kindergarten and 5th Grade- 10:00-10:15

First Grade: 10:45-11:00

Second Grade: 1:45-2:00

Third and Fourth: 2:00-2:15

Safety and Procedures for Visitors

The audio-visual intercom system allows us to keep all exterior doors locked during the school day to monitor who is entering our schools. Once the instructional school day has begun:

  1. All exterior doors will be locked during the school day.

  2. All visitors and/or late arriving students must enter through the main entry doors.

  3. Visitors/students need to push the doorbell button to gain entry.

  4. Office staff will greet the visitor/student via the AV intercom.

  5. Once identity and reason for entry have been confirmed, the individual will be welcomed to enter.

  6. Please wait in the vestibule for your teacher to pick your student up. Please do not go through the office.

The following procedures will be used for visitor management:

  1. Every visitor will be asked to provide photo identification to proceed beyond the office. In the event photo identification cannot be provided, the visitor will be required to remain at the front desk until identification can be verified by an administrator or staff member associated with the visit.

  2. Visitors will be provided with a visitor badge that includes: name, picture, purpose of visit, who they are visiting, room number, and estimated departure time.

  3. Visitors must wear the badge for the duration of their visit and check out at the main office as they leave.

  4. All visitors will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms upon entrance of the building.

Protective Behaviors

As in previous years, we are continuing our Protective Behaviors program in the elementary schools. This is an abuse prevention program designed to educate children in the principles of self-protection. Kaitlyn Curtin, the School Social Worker at Royal Oaks, will be leading the classroom presentations. This will consist of a developmentally appropriate video and a follow up discussion. This will be our fourth year using the Play It Safe! curriculum.

Each classroom at Royal Oaks will have a Protective Behaviors presentation between September 20th-October 29th. Your child(ren) will bring home a letter the day of the presentation.

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Friendly Reminder regarding Birthday Treats

We are not allowing any "Birthday Treats" in the building. There are also no balloons allowed in the building. If your student brings either of these items in we will hold them in the office until a parent can pick up. Thank you for your understanding.


As a result of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), every school district is required to complete a comprehensive asbestos inspection and develop a management plan for all asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM), present within the district. In an effort to comply with this regulation, the Sun Prairie Area School District had all buildings owned or leased by the District initially inspected by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), accredited inspector and any samples taken and analyzed by an independent laboratory. This information was then utilized to develop a comprehensive asbestos management plan.

A comprehensive re-inspection by an accredited inspector of all ACBM is required every 3 years, while periodic 6-month surveillance is an additional requirement. Beginning in July, 1998, the Sun Prairie Area School District contracted Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. (EMC), to perform 3- year re-inspections and 6-month surveillances for all district buildings.

Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. has completed the most recent comprehensive asbestos inspection and management plan, with this report available for your review during normal business hours in the Facilities and Grounds office. Copies of this report are also available to you upon request.

All ACBM found within the District has been identified, with location and condition assessed. Any areas noted as being in moderate to poor condition will be repaired or removed. A district long-range management plan of all ACBM has been developed.

Any questions relating to ACBM present in any District buildings, management plan or regarding the District’s on-going operations and maintenance program should be directed to Kevin Sukow, Director of Facilities and Grounds, 608-834-6567 or

Thank You,

Kevin Sukow

Sun Prairie Area School District Asbestos Designated Person