The One Thing

Marci Lyn Curtis

All about the characters

Maggie Sanders is blind and is one of the the nine main characters. Ben Milton, a boy who has leg cancer, is how she starts to see again. Ben the boy with cancer has a brother named Mason is in rock band called Loose Cannons and Maggie might have a crush on him but doesn't want to show it. This book is about how Maggie finds away to save Ben's life from cancer. Will Maggie find the real girl inside of her?
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This is the Cover of the book The One Thing

Main purpose of story

The main purpose is to get you to know how Maggie is and what she has to deal with. She is blind and has only been blind for months. How she got it is there is a sickness causing her to lose her sight and her dream for soccer, friends and a normal life. Then one day she meets a boy named Ben Milton who has cancer in his legs and for the first time she actually can see. So here is the question: Why is she only seeing Ben and how is she going to save Ben's life from cancer?

My favorite parts

My favorite part is when Maggie finally tells mason that she likes him. Maggie is amazing at the keyboard and is now in the band. This story uses real life events to show hard life can get but there will always be a way to get through it. I recommend this book because it is so funny and this book shows you how hard, confusing and amazing life can get.

Pathos and Ethos are used the most in The One Thing

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