how to be perpared for a test !

You got to go to bed early, got to eat a good breakfast,dont lose around at scool splash some water on your face.
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How To Help You Study

To study before the test actually starts. When it starts you use all the things you studyed before.

How To Study For The Exam

You will need to get all your notes that you had for that class and research them. The next day keep them memorized in your head and be ready for the test.

How The Review Will Help You Study For The Exam

it will make you go over all the stuff your work that will be on your exam and your teacher will make you turn it in for a grade. If you get a good grade that means you are more than likely to pass this class. If you do bad you should study more or study harder because trust me you will want to pass that exam.

When Is It Good To Study For The Exam

like when you are on the week of your reviews or right when you get home if you have done all your work.I study every night and wake up a little eraley to study some more.

All The Things That Will Help You Be Prepared For The Test:

Wake up and have a good breakfast. Then if time study a little more on subject it is on.don't have doubt that you will fail think you will pass think positive not negitive.

When It Is Time To Take The Exam

have two number two pencils a highlighter (if nessisery ) , get a quick drink of water ,go to the bathroom and splash some water if not fully awake. Bubble in correctly and circle the answer that best fits your mind.


these are all the test taking skills you will need to help you get ready for the test and hopefully you will pass it. I hope you do well on your exam on Tuesday!!!!!!