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What is the difference between primary and secondary?

The difference between primary and secondary are that,

primary sources you interact with the sources to extract the information that you need so basically the main conductor of the information. Some examples are E-mail contacts and events. meanwhile,

secondary information are just primary sources which have been edited. For example things like TV, Books and Reference material can be edited.

What is the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative?

The difference between Qualitative and Quantitative are that,

Qualitative data is basically descriptive data and it explains all about qualities. It is also information that cannot be measured. This cant be written down with numbers. An example of this is "the softness of a cat".

Quantitative data is basically information about quantities (how much? or how many?), this can be measured and it can be written down with numbers. Some examples of this is your height, your shoe size and your fingernail size.

What is the difference between Data and Information?

The difference between Data and Information are that,

Data is raw and basic information of a single subject. It is a lot of statistics, numbers and facts etc.

Information is when raw data is given a meaning. An example is 2/3 people do not like work - Most people don not like work.

Jesse Hill-Jones

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