It's an American Thing

What is Thanksgiving?

Tell me what you know. (class discussion)
Bet You Didn't Know: Thanksgiving | History

Now on your paper, please list what your family eats at Thanksgiving.

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Family Time

Many families spend Thanksgiving with family.

It is seen as at time to eat, visit and just relax with there friends and family.

For many people it is the only time they take off work.

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How long can it take?

People often start planning 1 MONTH prior!

1 Week Before - Purching

  • Turkey (it has to defrost, be seasoned, made ready, cooked and serverd)
  • Side - Planned and purched
  • Cleaning

2 Days Prior - Pies and Yummies

1 Day Prior - Sides

  • You can pre-make most sides and then cook on Thanksgiving Day. or Just Reheat
  • Dishes & Serving Items Clean and Ready

Day of! - Thanksgiving

  • Turkey - Start Early
  • Breads
  • Cook the Sides or Reheat
  • Gravy using the Drippings

Some people spend all DAY cooking only to rest after the meal late in the evening.

Our Lab's This Week

This weeks we have 3 days in the lab.

Tuesday - Pre-Lab & Planning

  • Inclass we will ALL complete our pre-lab forms for the Side dishes
  • K1 - Mash Potatos
  • K2 - Mash Potatos
  • K3 - Green Bean Casserole
  • K4 - Green Bean Casserole
  • K5 - Stuffing
  • K6 - Sweet Potato Casserole

You will go into the lab the last 15 minutes and place all items on your trays.

Label and store your items, wrap them so things don't go MISSING!

Wednesday - Thanksgiving Meal Lab

  • Each lab will be creating a side for our family style meal.
  • EVERYONE will be eating your dish.
  • We will not cook the meal until Friday, if you are to cover in foil do not us plastic.
  • I need you to label with the TIME and Period (mananger see me)
  • Everything is clean in organized, please KEEP it that way.

The goal of this lab is to...

  • Work as a TEAM!
  • Complete your recipe in the time given.
  • Clean and Sanitize your lab area.

Thursday - Pie's

  • Each lab will be creating a pie for Thanksgiving.
  • You will need to make the Crust (dough or gramcracker) and dock it.
  • The crust will par-bake (see clip, not pumpkin)
  • While the crust is baking, you will make the filling.

Friday - Thanksgiving Meal

  • Your food will be in ovens, you need to check your item.
  • Top your pies, (if needed)
  • Set the table using the supplies.
  • EAT!
  • Clean
History of the Holidays: History of Thanksgiving | History

Activity - I am Thankful

Everyone will make a leaf, and write what they are thankful for this year.

Please be respectful and clean with your leaves.

Thank you notes.

I would like you to write a thank your note to someone you are truly thankful to have in your life. It can be a family member, teacher, friend anyone but yourself.