Nat Turner

The abolitionist leader of the Southampton insurrection

The Very Beginning of the Southampton Insurrection

Nat Turner was born into slavery on October 2nd,1800, in Southampton, Virginia. As a child Nat Turners master allowed him to be taught reading,writing, and religion. He was also sold more than three times as a child but was finally Hire out to John Travis.

Nat Turner as an Abolitionist

Nat Turner was against slavery because he had witnessed as a slave how terrible and cruel it was to the slaves. He lead a rebellion in Southampton,Virginia called the Southampton insurrection, were more than 60 enslaved or free African Americans attacked and killed more than 50 people. He also hated slavery because he was a religion man and believed that slavery was wrong

Nat Turner Turned Away Slavery

Nat Turner Didn't Not Do the Right Thing

Nat Turner's Accomplishments

Nat Turners work as a slave was to help end or weaken slavery. Sadly though after the rebellion when he went into hiding he was caught and executed.