The Moguls' Peek of the Week

The Happenings in Rm. 423: Week 5, September 8-11, 2015


Here it is! Our Peek of the Week! This is a digital newsletter that will keep you abreast of all the happenings in Rm. 423! Look for this newsletter every week.

Curriculum Night!

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 6pm

7220 Oakley Terrace

Union City, GA

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Thought for the Week!!!

What is a Mogul?

A mogul is a very important and powerful person. I call the students moguls because I want them to see themselves as important and powerful people. Once they that is instilled in them, it is my belief that they will begin the make better choices regarding their behavior. I also believe they will begin taking more ownership of their learning and choice making.

Join me in this movement to inspire this generation of moguls. At Oakley, we're going from "Crayons to College". This is the year that will empower our students to begin thinking about which career path they want to pursue. Throughout the course of the year, we will be working on a career portfolio in which students will log the key points and details in the process of choosing their chosen career and college.

We are moguls. We are important. We are powerful. Let's join together to make this the best year yet! 5th Grade Rocks!

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Here's a look at what's in the books!!!!

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A Little Housekeeping

So, are you liking this newsletter or what??? I hope so, because I had a blast creating it!!! Now here are just a few reminders:

  • Homework is generally posted on Edmodo. For students who do not have technology access at home, we've made accommodations for them to get the assignments in another format. They are also allowed to work on the the assignment at school the next day. They will be held responsible for all assignments regardless of where they complete it (at home or at school). While homework is not graded, students do receive points for completion.
  • Class Dojo is working great! However, we still need to connect many of you. Look out for our invite so you can jump in. Dojo is used to track and monitor positive behaviors. While we love to accentuate the positive, it is sometimes necessary for us to highlight the negative behaviors. We want you to be aware of your child's behavioral progress. The children are very familiar with the Dojo, and are versed enough to explain to you why they lost points in any given area. We thank you for checking the Dojo regularly, and we look forward to lots of positive days and reports!
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Daily Schedule

7:10 - 7:40 Homeroom

7:40 - 7:50 TNN News

7:55 - 8:25 RTI

8:30 - 9:15 Specials

9:20 - 11:20 Block 1 (Graham's Homeroom)

11:20 - 11:25 Switch

11:25 - 2:10 Block 2 (Mack's Homeroom)

11:50 - 12:20 Lunch

12:20 - 12: 35 Recess

2:15 Dismissal

*E.I.P students leave daily from 9:50 - 11:30

*Parents, you are welcome to come in and observe classroom instruction for 30 minutes once a week. The visit should not impede the learning process. Please sign up for a time using the form below so we can be sure to accommodate you, because our schedule can change unexpectedly. On the day of your visit, please make sure you get a volunteer sticker when you sign in at the front desk. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Specials Schedule

Monday - Computer Cart

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - P.E.

Friday - P.E.

*PBL Lab - Thursdays from 1:10pm - 2:00pm

* Cranium Club and T.A.G. meet on Thursdays