A Line in the Sand

The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence

Tentative Schedule for 4th grade Interactive Read Aloud with Accountable Talk

2/15 Read the blurb on the back cover and make predictions as a class

Then read pages 3-16 and begin a character chart to add to along the way through the book.

2/16 pages 17-40

2/17 pages 41-56

2/18 Bundle Text - video clip

2/22 pages 57-76

2/23 pages 77-92

2/24 pages 92-107

2/25 Accountable Talk - on 12/11/1835 Mrs. Lawrence says, "It's a sin to take pleasure in the each of any human, be he friend or foe" and Lucinda poses a question in her diary: "I wonder if she would say the same if Willis had been killed?" How would you feel if one of your relatives had been killed in a war? If you were interviewing victims of violence and told them what Mrs. Lawrence said, do you think they would agree? why or why not?

2/29 pages 108-126

3/1 pages 127-145

3/2 pages 146-165

3/3 Accountable Talk *Lucinda and her best friend Mittie are very different. What do they have in common? Are you and your best friend different from each other? How are Lucinda and Mittie different?

3/6 pages 165-177

3/7 pages 179-197 Epilogue with photos

3/8 Bundle Text: Susanna of the Alamo

3/9 Accountable Talk - Early on in Lucinda's diary, Papa and Willis disagree over whether or not the Texans should fight the Mexican Army. What were the reason for and against the war?

Bundle Texts:

Susanna of the Alamo by John Jakes

The Alamo Videos by The History Channel http://www.history.com/topics/alamo/videos (approx) 3 mins.