Horse Training Academy!!!!!!!!

By: Cassie, Desi, and Sophia

Our Business

Hey we are HTA horse training academy. We sell horses and we train them too!!!! There aren't any specific types of horses we train. We train any kind of horse.Our business is a service because we train your horses and we sell horses that have no owner and are trained.

Why you should pick us

You should pick us because we are less expensive than other business. And we make sure your horse does not jump over the fence:)




Scarcity is when you have little of something and then you can raise the price a little.(Don't raise our price too high). Our scarce needed is a If we get low on horses we can not give them what they want.

Supplies we will need

Supply means the things you need to do something.

We need.....

  • Wild Horses
  • Horseshoes
  • Grass
  • Land/house
  • Sellers
  • Trainers
  • Phone
  • Saddles
  • Leads
  • Small and big bridals
  • Buckets
  • Paper

Our total cost we are asking from you is 182,693. ill have to train and sell about 20 horses we may be able to pay you back in a while.

Opportunity cost

Our businesses opportunity cost is to not sell house animals

Another opportunity cost is to not give horseback riding lessons



Our customers are anyone with a horse. Our consumers opportunity cost is a well known horse training business. the customers will chose our business because we will get the job done because we are determined. our cost for training a horse is $50.00 our cost is that low because in other horse training the cost is like $100.00. We would need to sell 100-190 horses to paid back the Roadrunners Tank.



We charge $20 dollars each session to train a horse.

We charge $900 to a $1,000 for a horse that is trained.

Consumers Opportunity Cost

Our costumers opportunity cost is to not go to Equine Advocates

About us

All About Who The Trainer Desi

Hey, i'm the trainer my name is Desi. I work for the business HTA. My favorite thing is horses.I am a hard working tween

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All About Who the seller Cassie is

Hey, I am a one of the sales people. My name is Cassie. I work for the business HTA. I sell the horses after Desi has trained them.I am also working hard tween.

All About Who The Seller Sophia

Hi, I am the other sales person. My name is Sophia. I work for the HTA. I also sell the horses after Desi trains them. I am also a working hard tween.