The guardian spirits of Nirn

By Nathan Hort


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The planet where the Elder Scrolls game series is based on. It is very much like Earth in all means, including the wars and conflicts. But hey, I'm not here to tell you all about that. I'm here to tell you about the guardian spirits that guard this planet. There is the ice bird of the north Arcturus, and the fire bird of the south, Firenzis.
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Arcturus is the ice spirit of the north of Nirn, particularly Atmora and Skyrim. Her bird form is that of a white and blue eagle, but with oddly translucent feathers on the end of her wings and very cat-like blue eyes. She also has a human form, that of a young woman, about mid 20s, with pale, almost white skin, platinum blond hair and ice blue eyes.

There was a time, when she couldn't wear anything from the waist up because she couldn't magically sheath her wings. But over time, she learned how, and now can wear clothes and dresses like any other mortal woman. And she also learned how to unsheathe her wings without ripping her clothes apart.

She has a personality to match her surroundings, cold, stubborn, but patient and caring at the same time. She has a tendency to avoid the affairs of the mortals she protects, but when called to action, she will go to great lengths to keep Nirn safe. She is immune to the heat of the south, and mostly immune to the cold as she has had a millennia to adapt.

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He is the polar opposite fire bird of the south, and recently the guardian spirit of Aldmeris, now known as the seat of power in Nirn, with Icestar as it's High Queen (for all you Elder Scrolls fans reading this, this part is purely made up by me). His bird form is also that of an eagle, but with burning hot feathers as bright as the sun.

His human form is radically different, taking the form of a male human, with a skin tone in between that of an Asian and an Indian. He has a muscular body tone, again the polar opposite of Arcturus's more thin build, with shaggy, dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. He has a sun tattoo on his chest, as well as various Thallenic runes all over his body, put there by his various foes. They are all insults and warnings, some of them include 'lowlife' and 'don't test me'. His right half of his waistline is also unusually pale, due to being frozen by Whitepaw in a fit of rage.

Unlike Arcturus, Firenzis still hasn't managed to sheath his wings, which prevents him from wearing anything from the waist up, except for a blue hoodie, which Armetis took from his wardrobe, ripped two seams down the back and telekinetically knitted back together around Firenzis's wings. He normally wears this open, as he doesn't feel the cold.

His personality matches his surroundings, as he has a tendency to try to interfere with the affairs of the mortals, much to Arcturus's annoyance. He has a more warm personality, kind and fun loving. But sometimes he can let his emotions get in the way, more often than not leading to complications (such as him accidentally setting fire and getting shot at in Whiterun). He has a somewhat narcissistic trait, which can sometimes flip and make him careless and borderline suicidal. Firenzis also tends to get bored and annoyed more easily, which can sometimes lead to him (literally) erupting at people.

Firenzis somehow gets along really well with Icestar (the High Queen) who is more like Arcturus in personality. But he had been put out of action, with half of his left wing severed by Darkstar, the demonic dark side of the Empress of Numenor (for tolkien fans again purely made up). This has left him stranded on Earth, under the care of Armetis, the last of an ethereal race called the Aremtis (or first ones). But now Armetis has died on Earth, freeing his Aremtisian soul, putting up a permanent barrier around Earth (so that Ruin can no longer touch it) and regrowing Firenzis's missing half of his wing. Firenzis now guards Armetis again, now on the planet of Arda, rather than Earth.

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How long have they been on Nirn?

The amount of time they have actually existed and lived on Nirn is unknown. But their first act of prominence was during the Interregnum, a time on Tamriel which nearly decided the fate of the whole planet. It was the period of time between the end of the Second Empire (Reman Dynasty) and the establishment of the Third Empire (Septim Dynasty). In particular, it was when the sorcerer Mannimarco performed a ritual in the Imperial City to weaken the barriers between Nirn and Molag Bal's plane of Oblivion, Coldharbour. Molag Bal then initiated the Planemeld, an event in which he attempted to literally drag Nirn out of the plane of Miundus and into Coldharbour using his dark anchors.

Firenzis and Arcturus actively helped the mortals with stopping this event, destroying many of Molag Bal's dark anchors. But once Molag Bal failed in this endeavour, both disappeared from history and into obscurity, much to Firenzis's annoyance.

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What are their weaknesses?

Arcturus has far fewer weaknesses than Firenzis because she has lived longer than him. Arcturus's weaknesses are few, but one of them is hearing Thallenic from an unholy or ultimistic being (such as one of the three dark queens or kittens). Upon hearing Thallenic in this manner, it causes a massive headache for her, and any wounds she has sustained will hurt like fire. Touching an evil symbol (such as a satanic pentagram or a symbol of Ultimism) will burn her upon contact, and the pain can last for up to 2 weeks before it starts to fade.

The same is said for Firenzis, except his wounds can hurt up to 100 times worse than Arcturus, and if he touches an evil symbol his burns can last up to 5 weeks. Firenzis also displays similar symptoms from hearing the black speech of Mordor, and from getting near an evil symbol.