Make global connections with ss and tchrs in 120 characters!

Why Should I Use Twitter?

Twitter can be an amazing tool for both teachers and students.

- "easy access to a stream of customized information and ideas that motivate me"

- "join conversations, offering suggestions, asking questions, and celebrating successes"

- "we can use digital tools to differentiate learning for students,"

- "build meaningful networks of peers"

- "integrate Twitter into research, discussion, and vocabulary work"

- "Digital opportunities to connect with new content and communities can accelerate learning"

Resource used: Digitally Speaking / Why Should Teachers Try Twitter?

Who Should You Follow?

Check out to find an endless amount of rockstar educators doing great things on twitter!

Here are a few additional people that we follow- but the list is never ending!

@JenWilliamsEdu (Jennifer Williams)

@JRose_Edu (Jacqueline Rose)

@iamvlewis (Valerie Lewis)

@smgalliard (Sean Galliard)

@jaimedonally (Jaime Donally)

@debatchison (Debra Atchison)

@braveneutrino (Stacy Lovdhal)

@SVicGlass (Shaina V Glass)

@markbarnes19 (Mark Barnes)

@1to1Brian (Brian Romero Smith)

@Thrasymachus (Charles Cooper)

@Tom_Kilgore (Tom Kilgore)

@mcnairn3 (Andi McNair)

@ShakeUpLearning (Kasey Bell)

@craigyen (Craig Yen)

@teachintechgal (Katrina Keene)

@KatieAnn_76 (Katie Ann)

@ambielyn19 (Amber McCormick)

@chatzopoulosn (Nikolas Chatzopoulos)

New to Twitter? Check out these resources below!

Productivity tutorial: Understanding the basics of Twitter |

I'm on twitter, but how do I join chats?

- To create your own chat, create a # (hashtag).

- Share out with all your followers - what will your chat be about and what hashtag will you use to keep up with your information?

- Look for "Q1" and "A1" type tweets to find the questions and see others answers to those questions.

- Answer the question yourself, and respond to others answers - just don't forget the # (hashtag!)

- Add people involved in chats to build likeminded people to your PLN's!

For more info check out this site, or you can connect with @reeder_cassie with any questions!

Twitter Chats! Ready to Jump in Head First?!? Check out this site for an up to date list of the popular education chats.

Here are a few chats and or hashtags that we keep up with, but again, there are soo many great ones out there.. the list is never ending!



#PISDEdchat (local)


#gueri11aEd (local)



#edbeat (also a chat)

#r10connects (created for this session!!)

#r10tech (Region 10 Technology #- use when you're tweeting about the conference!)

- You can use any hashtag at any time, when people search the hashtag, they'll find your tweet, regardless of whether or not a chat is occuring.