Robert Frost

Kay Donnell


Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco. When Frost was young, his father died of tuberculosis. His mother moved to Massachusetts with Frost and his younger sister Jeanie. Frost went to Dartmouth College and Harvard, but never received a college degree. After college Frost had many jobs such as: A teacher, cobbler, and the editor of the Lawrence Sentinel. Frosts first published poem was "My Butterfly". Some of Frost's famous work includes: Nothing Gold Can Stay, The Road Not Taken, Fire and Ice, The Rose Family, The secret sits, and Of A Winter Evening. By the 1920's Frost was one of the most celebrated poets in the world.


Robert Frost had a huge impact on the 1920's and also today. He showed people they could become something great, and do significant things. He gave Americans new literature. Frost's poems and stories affected a lot of people and are still affecting people today.
Stopping by woods on a snowy evening