Book report


Brian has changed in many ways he has gone from a cowardly 13 teen year old to a confident 13 year old.One way Brian is confident is he got attacked by a moose and hit by a tornado and still is confident to build his shelter back and survive and when he lost his hatchet he was very determond and confident to get it back no one would be as strong and confident as him to rebiuld a shelter and swim to the bottom of a lake. Another way he changed is how he got stronger at first he was scared to tell his dad the secret but now because of this expirence he is not only stronger on the outside but in the inside too. He got over the rescue team not comming for him. At first Brian was depressed that his plane crashed and the piolt had a heart attack, but then he moved on with his life by surviving and not really thinking about anything he did feel really bad about the piolt be he just went on.At the end when Brian got rescued it changed his life style forever and how he heared things and how he saw them. He also became more resourcefull with his stuff at first brian did'nt like the hatchet but then it became his only tool. he used it make all of jis tools like the bow. If you were stranded in a forrest and you only had a hatchet you would try to use it to survive like Brian.