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Learning and growing together

Meet the Coach: Penny Auld

I am so excited to be working with you again this school year! My main purpose as a literacy coach is to support staff members in their quest for reaching their goals for student learning and in the process I hope you will feel that you have the opportunity to become more confident and effective in your work as teachers. I am looking forward to working alongside you in our collaboration meetings, individual or team coaching cycle and informal coaching sessions.
Coach Introduction

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Coaching Cycles F.A.Q.

Formal Coaching Cycles:

  • positively impacts students learning
  • will last approximately one unit of study or about six weeks
  • work together to look at student work, set learning goals, plan lessons, and co-teach.
  • you will choose the focus based on what would benefit your students the most.
  • weekly 30-45 minute planning session
  • I will then work alongside you in your classroom during your reading or writing block 2-3 times a week
  • can be first, second, third, or fourth quarter

Team Coaching Cycles:

  • same as a formal coaching cycle just with your grade level team or another teacher
  • plan together and look at data together

Informal Coaching Cycles:

  • plan together once a week
  • look at data together
  • answer questions
  • provide resources

What is Student Centered Coaching?

Co-Planning and Co-Teaching