A brief overview of hinduism

By Aidan Harris

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The beliefs.

Many beliefs are excepted as being Hindu, making it an incredibly diverse religion. However, there are a few beliefs that are required; the belief in the words of the Vedas, the brahmas (Hindu preists), karma, and reincarnation. Due to the wide varitpety in beliefs, Hinduism cannot be classified as polytheistic, monotheistic, or even pantheistic.
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Common rituals

It is common for some Hindu people to have sculptures or paintings of the gods they worship in their home. Some Hindus(most commonly those who do not worship any gods) also meditate. There are also Hindu schools they can attend, but it is not required or even that common. Aside from that, Hindus focus on fulfilling social duties.

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Hinduism originated in ancient china, at around 2000 bc, making it one of the oldest religions in existence. It gradually speed from china with trade routs, and bleed into India, where most Hindus are found. From then India and China, it spread to most large and important countries by the time America as founded. Hinduism can be found in USA, Britain, Canada, and several other regions. It is still unknown who first founded Hinduism, but it was believed to be an Aryan.
A Short Introduction to Hinduism