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Leading and Learning:

There are only four ways to create change. To generate growth in our lives, we must:

Do more of something.

Do less than something.

Start something.

Stop something.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

These four processes are the only way to form new habits and create change in our lives. The challenge that comes with the process of change is that we can become very impatient. We have to remember that growth in this process is small, slow, and daily.

Change happens in small steps. It takes small, incremental steps to create lasting change. We must focus on where we want to be and decide what the first step is to getting there. It does not need to be a big step when we begin, but only a small one. Changing our habits does not happen overnight; it happens in small increments, often followed by plateaus. The key is to persevere and keep pushing forward all the while being relentless in making each small step.

Change doesn’t happen quickly. Highly successful people did not start there. They have dedicated their time; they have been disciplined; they have been committed to the outcomes they want to achieve. Disciplined behavior over extended periods is how we create change to get where we want.

Change has to be a daily commitment. We have to dedicate our time each day to move to the outcome we desire. It cannot be a “sometimes” thing. Change has to be an “every-day” thing. That is not to say there will not be setbacks along the way, or that we will not fall short on a given day. But, when we lose focus, when our steps falter, we must recognize it and get back on the disciplined path.

Small, slow, daily...this is how we will be successful. Forget about perfection, put your ego aside, and become disciplined in getting to the outcomes you want to achieve.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • our nurses for always assisting in managing and providing feedback through our COVID situations and protocols.

Congratulations to Dan Jones who has qualified as a Top Ten Teacher of the Year finalist for the state of Indiana. As Dan has expressed to me many times, he feels the recognition is a testament to the work of all the staff at SHS. Here is the press release connected to Dan's recognition.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 4: Grateful Friday Challenge

Are you ready for some Football? Tonight is a big night in the school year -- tonight is the kick-off of our version of Friday Night Lights. Since we start school so early, it seems like today has taken a long time to get here. In the epically famous TV show (Friday Night Lights), good old Coach Taylor had some excellent advice for his players from week to week; you might remember, or have heard of, some of his most popular thoughts:

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Most of us have had a coach or a teacher who has brought out the best in us, who has pushed us in ways that helped us better ourselves and made us want to be a coach or mentor for someone else.

We have so many students walking the halls, and sitting in our classes today, who are participating in representing our school and our community- and their seasons have recently kicked off- or as in football and cheerleading, start tonight.

Our kids, and our coaches, work hard in practices to put forth the best version of themselves at game time. Do you know who these kids are? Their sport? Position? Number?

Today’s #SHSGFC is to try and find a minute here or there to ask about and recognize those students who represent us all outside the classroom. Take a moment to ask about the season so far. If you need ideas of what you are looking for, we have: Volleyball, Girls Golf, Boys Tennis, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Cheerleading, Football, Boys, Girls Soccer, and Marching Band -- they are all working hard this season! Let’s make sure they know that we support them and are proud of them.

Good luck to all the Cardinal players and coaches taking to the fields and courts this weekend and in the coming weeks!

As I was searching for some sound motivational clips for FNL, I found this. Need some motivation for your morning- need something to get you pumped to take on COVID teaching watch this: FNL: “This Game is Not Over.”

As always, Go Cards! With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Raye Jordan and Sara Neville

The Early Childhood Education students went on a tour of the PTEC Early Childhood Academy Preschool and the Homecroft Kindergarten Academy last week and this week started their placements there 2 days a week during class time. There are 54 students within 2 classes. Mrs. Jordan and Ms. Neville are super excited to teach this class this year!

Jake Fritz

Mr. Fritz's English 10 students are beginning to write their first paper of the year. Mr. Fritz provided direction on the paper and what should be included but has intentionally not provided the students with a rubric. Mr. Fritz and his students are working to create a baseline for their writing so they can determine where they are and where they need to grow as writers throughout the school year.

Mike Klopfenstein

Mr. Klopfenstein's Journalism students are learning about the free press. Students read an article about rights of the press have been infringed upon. The students discussed these issues and then completed a writing assignment about the purpose and need for free press in democracies.

Tara Foor

Ms. Foor's English 11 students are reading origin stories. Students are reading a short story called “The World on the Turtle’s Back.” The story is an Iroquois Myth about the origin of the earth. Students are using readings like this to discuss and think about how origin stories begin in different cultures and times.

Ethan Coffman

Mr. Coffman's Algebra II students are trying to find the connections of lines on three-dimensional math. Students connected this learning to a recent building project Mr. Coffman had at his house. Once talking about the practical example. Students were challenged to take three different equations of lines and figure out how to find the point on the graph where those lines would cross. Students gave suggestions and worked through trial and error until they were able to find a solution.

Educational Humor

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