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Spirit Renewal Retreat - Healing Through Creativity :: April 21 - 24 :: Middletown, Ca

An hour can change your life

Healing sessions are a bonus feature of the Spirit Renewal Retreat. Schedule an hour - or several, and feel pampered, restored and renewed.


Sadie Hannah ::: Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT)

Sadie Hannah is an MAT™ certified specialist and owner of Awaken, a private wellness practice in Lafayette, Ca. She has a Master’s in Science from the University of California San Francisco and a background in holistic wellness. Her approach combines traditional and alternative healing techniques, with the goal of helping her clients achieve their highest expression of health, wellness, and success.

About MAT™
MAT™ is an exercise-based manual therapy that can improve athletic performance, facilitate rehab, and support health. It is a practice in physical body awareness.

Ghania Dawn Joia ::: Reflexology/Solelation

An intuitive healer with an integrative approach to healing. She calls her work “Solelation”. Solelation is a body of work that has taken over 30 years to develop. The focus of the work is to unlock and release physical, energetic and emotional traumas as well as stuck patterns that create toxicity, pain, discomfort and stress in the body. Even after one session clients report that they feel relief from chronic pain, physically and emotionally lighter, deeply relaxed and happier. Which in turn, allows a person deeper access to their heart and soul and able to connect their everyday life with Heart Consciousness. Ghania’s work is a mix and integrates Foot Reflexology, Sound, Ortho-Bionomy, Inner Landscape, Cranial Sacral, Breath Work, Nutrition, and Counseling.

Clare Hedin ::: Sound Healing

British born, Clare is an international singer/songwriter and sound healer of many years. She shares her gifts at sound healing conferences, international events, symposiums, is an artist in residence at Grace Cathedral. Classically trained in piano, she finds her inspiration through her love of nature and of life. Innately curious, she researches the nature of sound and energy and has an MA in Consciousness Studies, Creative Arts and Transformative Studies. A natural healer, she co-founded the sound healing institute, SF, and has taught on the nature of sound and healing for many years, taking original healing music into hospitals in UK and CA (including Oakland Children's Hospital for many years). She performs locally, has 7 CDs to date, has her ongoing individual and group practice and teaches in the Bay Area.

Kayko Tamaki ::: Hypnotherapy

Kayko is a certified Hypnotherapist with a Bachelors of Science in Human Services. She was born and raised in Hawaii, and has traveled the world, gaining a diverse understanding of a wide range of cultures, traditions, and experiences. She is fluent in Japanese, and has a background as a certified Hospice volunteer. She is also a self-taught surreal painter. She has a passion for the way hypnotherapy helps us to connect relationships, how we experience the world, and personal growth, and believes strongly in hypnotherapy as a tool for advocating empowerment, self- awareness, self-love, and better overall health. It is her goal to see hypnotherapy become more accepted as a mainstream and valid form of healthcare, offering an alternative solution that attacks life’s problems at the root, transforming lives.​


Trish uses a blend of Swedish, Esalen, Reiki, Acupressure, Trager and Deep Tissue modalities .Trish also works with flower essences and herbs. The goal of her massage practice is to encourage every client in sustaining a relationship with wellness. Trish also runs a local seaweed business, Wild Devotion, using sustainable and ethical harvesting practices. Trish offers wellness consultation to illuminate issues and provide information and support to clear dis-ease, emphasizing wellness as our natural state of being.

Rory Skuce ::: Massage Therapy

Rory offers an integrated Oriental Swedish form of massage. He has over 20 years of experience and has perfected an integrated practice that combines various techniques from Shiatsu, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tzang, Plant Spirit Medicine, Swedish and Deep Tissue. This practice leverages the Meridian System to harmonize the energies in the body and deep pressure to release tight muscles. This massage technique is designed to be pleasurable, relaxing and healing.