columbus hero or villain

by: Chris Gomez

is columbus really a hero???

should columbus really be seen as hero to us, is there more to him then we really know some things that aren't said to us on how he used slavery and killed some tribe members while exploring and his need for gold. the queen and king of Spain wanted gold and when he came back with from his first trip the king and queen weren't pleased with how little gold he came back with. they ended up giving him more ships for a second trip with the soul purpose of bringing more gold, when he got there on his second trip all he was looking for was gold and he wasn't happy when he found out the me he left on an island died because the tribe up killing columbus's men so columbus was angered with the tribe, so he publicly executed some the tribe members some of the spanish men were bothered by that but the tribe began to revolt so columbus began to fight back and ended up taking most of the tribe for slavery and they were forced to give up their gold and if they didn't have enough their hands would be cut off.

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