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What are minerals made of?

Minerals are ironic elements that come from soil and water. The elements are absorbed by plants and may be eaten by animals.
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What do the minerals do for animals?

  • iron - oxygen transport in hemoglobin

  • zinc - immune system
- reproduction

- protein synthesis

- etc.

  • manganese - immune response
- reproduction

- bone and cartilage synthesis

- enzyme systems

  • cobalt - fiber fermentation of bacteria
- required by ruminants for synthesis vitamin B12 by bacteria in the gut

  • iodine - thermoregularization
- thyroid hormone synthesis

  • selenium - thyroid hormone metabolism
- immune response

- component glutathione

  • ETC...........................................

What are the sources for these minerals?

The sources of minerals that are given to the animal help the animals body grow, develop, and also to help the body to stay healthy.

For example, Calcium is one of the most important minerals a animal can have because it helps to make a strong skeleton to support the bone structure. It also helps to transfer information between cells.

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What are the deficiencies ?

  • zinc - abnormal skin & hooves
- bone & joint problems

- poor wound healing

- fertility problems

  • iron - Anemia is the final stage of iron deficiency
    - can be caused by blood loss

  • manganese - Abnormal bones and joint development
- Impaired ability to make or repair joint cartilage
- Abnormalities in skin, hair and hooves

- Reproduction challenges

  • cobalt - low vitamin b12 levels
- low body conditions

- poor growth

  • iodine - Enlarged thyroid gland; goiter
-Hair loss and dry scaly skin

  • selenium - poor stress tolerance
- muscular cramping

- subpar performance

- impaired immunity

why should we keep animals healthy

Healthy Animals Better World


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