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Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, March 5: Kindergarten Field Trip to Mayborn Museum
  • Tuesday, March at 5:00 pm: Spring Break Academy Parent Meeting
  • Friday, March 8: Alta Vista Family Lunch
  • March 11-15: SPRING BREAK
  • March 11-15: Spring Break Academy (Select students only)
  • March 18: NO SCHOOL (Staff Planning Day)
  • March 25-26: Practice STAAR (Grades 3-4)
  • March 27: Parent Huddle at 12:00 PM with FREE Lunch
  • March 28: 4th Grade Field Trip to Homestead Heritage
  • March 30: Waco ISD Job Fair at University High School from 9-11:30 AM

COMING UP: STAAR (Gr 5 Math/Reading & Gr 4 Writing) on April 9-10

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Parent Involvement Opportunities

Join us for our Alta Vista Family Lunch on Friday, March 5. We will be serving a spaghetti lunch for $3.75 and families can eat with their students!

Our next Parent Huddle will be Wednesday, March 27 at 12:00 pm where will be discussing STAAR tips for families. A free lunch will be provided.

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Monthly Reading Challenge

Look out for monthly reading challenge every month. Students can complete the monthly challenge to earn a FREE BOOK!
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Join LIONS Pride Today!

There is a new program in town that's just for men! L.I.O.N.S. (Leaders In Our Neighborhood Schools) Pride is an innovative program geared at connecting adult males in our community to volunteer and service opportunities at our school. The positive impact of male role models in the school setting cannot be overstated, and we are excited to have this opportunity on our campus.

Those participating in the program will be helping our students by:

• Strengthening youth identity

• Promoting positive male leadership

• Building a culture of service

• Investing in a new generation of leaders

L.I.O.N.S. Pride is sponsored by a local nonprofit led by one of our very own Alta Vista father, Darryl Thomas, Jr.. Please email for more details.

Math Chat

Fractions are popping up in many grade levels right now! Here is a great video resource to help support your students' understanding of fractions. It even includes a quiz student's can take to test their knowledge.
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FREE Bedtime Math App

Bedtime Math is a FREE math app for your children! Each day offers a new real-world math problem for you to read and discuss with your child. This app integrates math with and reading and offers a glimpse at real-life math situations.
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Problem Solving

During the month of March, we are focusing on Problem Solving in Morning Meetings. We will tackle problems with friends, interpersonal problems, and academic problem solving.

Here are 5 steps for teaching conflict resolution at home:

  1. Allow time to calm down. Before even trying to address conflicts, it is best to allow the kids involved to take a breather from each other. Children are not yet very capable of managing strong emotions like anger. It won’t help to let them face each other while they are still emotional. Give them time to calm down and try some strategies like taking a deep breath or counting from one to 100. The important thing not to force a conversation while the kids are still upset. You may also ask them what would help them calm down and feel better before talking.
  2. Listen and understand the problem. After the kids have calmed down, you may talk to both of them or talk separately. Weigh the circumstances and decide whether or not it would be a good idea to have them explain the problem together. During the talk, emphasize the importance of being honest. Also, encourage them to admit their role in the conflict instead of blaming others. Ask them how they feel and be careful not to judge. Make them feel that you are trying to understand. That the focus is to resolve the conflict instead of attacking their behavior. Be a good listener as the kids explain their part. Make sure to be fair in your judgment.
  3. Problem solve together. Resolving conflicts is much easier when you allow the kids to suggest solutions. Try to find a solution together instead of forcing what you think is best. Encourage them to brainstorm. Think about the steps they can take to iron out things.. Remind them that the goal is to end the conflict with a solution that makes everyone happy. The fix does not have to be complicated. Keep the options limited and simple. Also, tell them that there is no such thing as a silly idea.ll their suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.
  4. Teach how to apologize. Apologizing is not that easy, but it is something that kids need to learn at a young age. By knowing how to say “I’m sorry”, it becomes easier to repair relationships with others. Let them understand why they need to do it and why it is important. Then, encourage them to come up with a good apology. They can write it down or say it in person. Whatever is more comfortable for them to do. In their apology, teach them to use the words “I’m sorry”. It should also include the acknowledgment of how they contributed to the conflict and how they will help fix the situation. Lastly, they should ask for the forgiveness of the other child involved. It’s important to stress that in apologizing, there is no need to justify their behavior, make excuses or blame the other person. They must be sincere in saying sorry and asking for forgiveness.
  5. Follow up. After resolving the conflict, it’s a good idea to follow up with the kids and see how they are getting along. Try to see if the solution they came up with is working. You may also want to host play dates to help strengthen the bond again. Also, invite other kids so they will get used to getting along with others in a larger group setting.


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