Back to School Parent Update

Welcome Back Chargers!

WE ARE READY-Things to Know for the First Day

We are so excited at Chapman to welcome our students and families on September 3rd! There have been so many updates and changes to improve our student's educational experience and create a safer environment for everyone. We are excited to open our doors on Tuesday- but with that, there are some changes in procedures that families need to be aware of.

Attached below is a letter to all elementary families from all the principals in the district explaining the safety procedures regarding our new entrances and attendance procedures. They are the same for every elementary building. Please make sure you read this letter carefully and contact me with any questions or if you need clarification.

Doors will open at Chapman every morning at 8:25 AM. If your child eats breakfast at school, please have them at school at this time so they have ample time to eat and they don't miss instruction time.

School and instruction time begins promptly at 8:38 AM. Dismissal is at 3:43. Kindergartner students will be released out the back classroom doors. Parents can pick up on the playground by the basketball hoops. First and Second grade will be released out the main entrance. Third through fifth grade will be released at the entrance to the left of the main entrance.

The first day of school you are welcome to bring your child(ren) into meet their teacher. I know that Chapman normally has Open House before school begins, but with construction, this was not possible. Open House will be scheduled for September 10th. After the first day, we expect second thru fifth graders to walk to class independently. We will have a "gradual release" for our kindergartners and first graders with all students going to class independently by Monday, September 9th. We will celebrate this day as Independence Day!

Lunch times have been adjusted for some grade levels. See below for each grade level's recess and lunch times. This year we are scheduling recess before lunch. Research shows that students are more productive and successful in the afternoon if they eat lunch after recess. The September breakfast and lunch menu is also attached below.

K 11:20-11:40 Recess/ 11:40-12:00 Lunch

4th 11:25-11:45 Recess/ 11:45- 12:05 Lunch

1st and 3rd 11:50-12:10 Recess/ 12:10-12:30 Lunch

2nd and 5th 12:15-12:35 Recess/12:35-12:55 Lunch

New Staff at Chapman!

Please help me welcome our new additions to the Chapman Family!

Rachel Weldon- Second Grade Teacher

Allie Klink- Speech and Language

Maribeth Ford- Resource Room

Conrad Mahr- School Psychologist

Champions Information

Champions will now be completely run out of our cafeteria (the old gymnasium) at Chapman. When you drop off and pick up your child, use the main entrance of the building. Please only go straight to the gym and not down any hallways. Craig is our new director at Chapman so please welcome him as he gets settled in. Champion students will have an opportunity to eat breakfast at 8:25 AM.


Your classroom teacher will be sending home information on how we have updated our PBIS system here at Chapman. The first two weeks of school will be a lot of teaching of expectations for classroom, recess and other areas of the building. With some of the building changes, some of the expectations needed to be updated as well. After the second week, expect your child to come home with a "passport" with stamps that they have successfully completed each station of learning in the building. Please sign and return to your classroom teacher. Our clip chart system has also been simplified in the classroom. Our expectation is that ALL students have a "Good" day. There are not as many colors on this chart to help with the effectiveness of the chart. There is a teaching component to each level if students are struggling to meet the expectations. As with anything new, we know that there may be things that work extremely well and some things that need to be tweaked as we put them into practice with our students. Please be patient as we work through this change. Your feedback is valued, so please do not hesitate to contact me for any successes or challenges you may see.

Technology Forms- Please Fill out for each Student

Please fill out the following form(s) according to your student's grade level. K-2 will fill out the lower elementary form for i-pads and 3-5 will fill out the upper elementary form for chrome books. You will also get this information in your classroom newsletter. You only need to fill it out once per child. Thank you!

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary


Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 5:30-7pm

31500 Olmstead Road

Rockwood, MI

Other Important Information


GSD's policy does not allow cupcakes/sweets for birthdays. We would love to celebrate your child's birthday with non-edible treats such as pencils or a book donation to the media center or classroom.

New Flexible Seating for 2nd and 3rd Grade:

2nd and 3rd grade classrooms have brand new furniture in their classrooms. There are a variety of seating options and we are excited about the flexibility that this seating will provide our classrooms.

Volunteer Forms and i-Chat Requirements:

All volunteers in the building will be required to fill out a volunteer form and the school will run an i-Chat check for safety and security purposes. You should find these forms in your first week packets from your teacher. My advice is to fill these out and turn them in as soon as possible. Remember ANY volunteer needs to fill these out. You can pick up extra copies in the office as needed. This requirement does include volunteering for classroom parties.

Continued Updates Throughout the Building:

We are not done! We still have some improvements coming to the building that will happen over the school year. It is very exciting to see the continued updates and improvements throughout the last year!

Facebook and Twitter:

Please like our Facebook page Chapman Elementary (SEARCH FOR @GSDChapman on Facebook or follow this link ) and follow us on Twitter @guizzettil and #GSDChapman. This is a great way to stay informed of school happenings throughout the year.