Emily's Amazing Speech

Things That Will Be Discussed

  • Safe Passwords
  • Digital Footprints - They started before you were born!
  • When Someone is Hacked - Ask Them in Person
  • Report People Who Are Rude

Emily's Amazing Speech!

Friday, March 13th, 11:45pm-4:45am

123 William St

New York, NY

We will be talking about online safety and digital footprints.

More Tips to Know Before Arrival

  • When driving pull over to answer your phone!
  • If a site has a padlock icon in the search bar, it's legit!
  • Don't take a memory stick if it's not yours!
  • If you lose your phone remotely disable it!
  • Just stay safe online in general!

"Contact Info"

(I am not responsible for anyone who thinks this contact info is real, nor am I responsible for anyone going to this speech and realizing it's not real.) But is a pretty cool website with a great message.