Hello Gorgeous New Stylist!

Ready for a fabulous challenge?


Cheers to you for saying "YES!" to this stylish new adventure. I am SO excited to help you get off to a strong start, set your goals, and reach for the stars. You know I am so passionate about Stella & Dot and I cannot wait to cheer you on as you define your happiness and success with our company.

I started as a stylist when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Lucy. With two other little girls at home and another on the way, I realized I could use a little extra income. I started off really just planning on doing two or three trunk shows a month. Then I realized how much fun it was - I loved the guiltless girls night out (even though at the time I didn't get to enjoy the fun perk of styling gals with a glass of wine in my hand - LOL) and realized how much the trunk shows energized me! It was so fun to not only have a lot of extra money for the holidays - but also a gorgeous jewelry wardrobe to boost my small maternity wardrobe! Hee hee. Four years later - I am still addicted to the fun of the trunk show and am so passionate about helping other gals make this be whatever they want - however they want it to fit into their lives. Whether you want to be a hobbyist, rock your business part-time, or go full steam ahead....I am here for you to help you find your SDJOY! xo Missy

Our amazing leadership team...

I signed up ....now what? Ten Tips to Success...

The fun has just begun - you've picked out your samples. You are ready to wear them and share them. You are making your "Who Do You Know List" which you will add to week after week after week as you continue to meet new girls who are potential or "dream" hostesses, customers or team members of yours!

1. Make sure you have announced your new "gig" on Facebook! I would LOVE to post something for you, too!

2. Start adding your contacts to the stylist lounge. The Home Office will send out gorgeous marketing emails to your contacts that LOOK like they come from you. They will announce new collections, sales, specials, style tips, celebrity sightings, etc.

3. Add "Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot" and your website to your email signature....you never know who is looking!

4. Send an email out to everyone you know announcing your exciting news! Send individual/more personal notes to 10 - 20 girls who you'd like to have as your "debut hostesses" and tell them WHY you think they'd have a blast showing off Stella & Dot to their friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. You might even want to include a mini look book if you are popping something in the mail to them - everyone loves to get a stylish surprise in their mailbox!

5. Think about your goals - how many trunk shows would you like to do in a month? How much money would you like to make? How much free product would you like to earn in your jumpstart? What will you do with the commissions you earn on your little blue card? Share these goals with me!

6. Highlight dates in your Stella & Dot planner when you would like to book trunk shows. X out days you know are not an option. Schedule a date for a "double dip" show you will host (you'll earn commissions AND the hostess rewards)

7. Schedule an "observation" trunk show with me...live too far away? I'll see if I can connect you with a sweet local stylist in your area. I LOVE our Stella Sisterhood!

8. Attend a local stylist meeting - ask me when our next one is and where. Not local - we can look at the "events" section on the stylist lounge to find something near you!

9. Explore "SDU" and watch the incredible New Stylist Training videos and listen to the amazing calls (live or recorded)

10. Have fun - at Stella & Dot we are all about J O Y. You - feeling the joy. You spreading the joy. You sharing the joy. If you have fun at your job - you'll never feel like you worked a day in your whole live. Do what you love - love what you do!

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Some fun incentives for you....

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Let's chat!

I love to keep in close contact during your jumpstart....whether we pick the same time to chat each week or we just have a quick check in chat for 15 min before and after each of your first 4 - 6 trunk shows...I find having that time for questions and brainstorming is so valuable! Let me know what works for you and if we set a schedule and keep to it throughout your jumpstart....that elephant utility tote is yours, too! You'll want something stylish to carry all of your baubles and bags to and from trunk shows!
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Need some great words to say?

Got a friend that you'd love to host, but not sure how to "warm her up"? Why not take her out to coffee with a lookbook and say...
"Kate, you are so stylish- I just started with Stella & Dot and I'm ordering my samples. Look through this lookbook and tell me all the things you love to help me out!"
Then, as she's telling you, you're making a list..that will become her...voila...wishlist...
"oh my gosh Kate...you have so many things you love. We should totally have your girlfriends over and we can get you this stuff for free! A fun girls night- so easy. What do you think?"
Can't meet someone in person? No problem! Do it via text/Facebook message instead - send her a picture of a piece (let's use the Sardinia pendant for example) and say:
"Hey Kate - I just started with Stella & Dot and am ordering my samples - trying to decide if this will make the cut. You are so stylish - would love your opinion! Yay or nay?"
If she engages, ask for opinions on other pieces and then go right into step two above! Easy-peasy. If you're not new, just take the angle that you are adding to your samples and need some advice!
Who's going to give it a shot?! Scour that Facebook online friends list on the right side of your screen and reach out NOW!!!! Go ahead - SUPER SIZE your courage!!!
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