Kilgore Primary

April Counselor Newsletter

The Importance of Traveling with Kids

Summer is rapidly approaching and with that comes vacation season! Who remembers loading up the car and setting out on an adventure with your family?!? Some of my favorite childhood memories involve travel. I did not realize it then, but my parents weren't just taking me to the lake or camping or to the local water park or to another state (or country). They were giving me valuable skills that would help me later in life.

Childhood is when our perception of the world around us develops. How can we exhibit the Core Essential of Peace (proving we care more about each other than winning an argument) if we've never experienced the world (near or far) around us? So as you are making plans this summer, think about experiences that you can give your children through traveling...whether its to the local park or the other side of the world.

Important Reasons to Travel with Kids:

1. Children will better understand the world.

2. Children are introduced to new cultures.

3. You create lifelong memories with your children.

4. Children get to have new experiences.

5. Children get to see the beauty of the world around them.

6. Children learn to appreciate what they have at HOME.

April Core Essential~ Peace


Peace is proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.


Ask a kid:

• Have you ever known you were “right” in an argument but decided to let it go in order to keep the peace?

• Think of a time when you avoided a conflict you knew was about to happen. Was this difficult to do? How were you able to divert yourself from the situation?

Ask a grown up:

• When is the last time that you held a grudge against someone? How long did you do this? What was the end result?

• How does it feel to let someone else win an argument or conflict in order to keep the peace?

• What are some things that you have done that have helped you be successful in keeping the peace?


Watch this short cartoon about Ferdinand the Bull. He liked to sit quietly under a tree and smell the flowers. When he is taken to a ring for a bull fight, everyone is

surprised because he is content with sitting quietly and peacefully smelling flowers.


Choose a night this month to challenge your family to a board game, puzzle or other fun, competitive activity. Throughout the night be aware of disagreements, challenges and arguments arising. Coach your children up by teaching them along the way the

importance of keeping the peace with one another and communicating effectively