Rubus Parviflorus

Facts and Description + Ethnobotany

  • Dicot plant species
  • ID characteristics- 5 round short leaves, thin long stem, red berry, 5 small little leaves on the berry's stem, fuzzy stem.
  • Looks like a bush with big thick leaves and stems with small red berries.
  • Leaves are alternate, Flowers are white, berries are hairy drupelets and juicy to dull taste.

Craft & facts, Water Needs, Extraordinary Stuff

  • Makes jam, added with clams and other food.
  • Little water, anywhere where it rains and has dirt
  • Often mixed with blackberries and raspberries to make cakes

Location & local location

  • open forests, along roads, shorelines, clearings
  • locally along Crowsin road
  • low elevation, southern extent

Life cycle & Pollination

  • Seeds carried from berries, grows drops more, dies. (life cycle)
  • Pollinated by catching pollen from the air with its fuzz on its leaves, pollinating the flowers.