Cassidy Gifted and Talented News

Week of April 1


I have provided opportunities for students in Gifted and Talented in Language Arts to compete in some writing contests, with your permission. The first is a short story writing contest through KET: click here for more info. The second is a writing contest through Scholastic and USA Gold Pencils: click here for more info. Students may be asking you to sign permission forms if they wish to participate.

Even if your child is not in gifted and talented for Language Arts, I am happy to accept their submissions if you wish to engage them in this opportunity at home. Just send in the forms on the websites along with their submission.

What We Are Up to This Week in GT

Second and third grade students are starting a creative reading and writing unit this week. They are very excited about digging into some creative texts and are pondering away on ideas for their own stories!

Fourth and fifth grade students are beginning a creativity project where they will choose a problem in their school, community, or world and use their creative thinking skills to come up with innovative solutions to those problems. They will design and implement an action plan and assess the impact of that plan.

All groups have on-going book clubs, so students will be continuing to practice their conversation and comprehension skills in those.

In math, we are focusing on explaining our thinking in words and writing. We are also focusing on conceptual understanding and have been using visuals and manipulatives to make abstract concepts more concrete.

Art, Creativity, and/or Leadership:
All students are continuing to work on the projects they selected. Some have finished and are moving on to new projects!

General Intellectual:
Students in these groups have been working on higher level thinking, reasoning, and logic through complex problem solving. Students are working on logic puzzles and mysteries to practice their reasoning skills.

In the Community

Keep those gifted brains and bodies busy over the summer and check out some of the exciting summer opportunities coming up soon!