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February 15-19, 2016

Don't Forget...

February 1st - 29th
  • Book Donations Being Accepted for the Titus Book Swap

February 15th ~

  • President's Day - School Holiday
  • Tiger of the Week - Madison L.

February 15th - March 4th ~

February 16th & 17th ~
  • Grade 4 - Human Growth & Development

February 19th ~

February 22nd ~
  • Tiger of the Week - Isaiah L.
February 26th ~
  • Superhero Spirit Day
February 29th ~
  • Tiger of the Week - Lauren M.

And the Valentine's Mailbox Winners Are...

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Most Creative, Coolest, and Best Overall Valentine's Mailbox - Ryan B.

Some Valentine Buddy Fun...

We all loved exchanging Valentine's on Friday, but we also love spending time with our first grade buddies in Mrs. Maiese's class! To celebrate the holiday, we created our own boards for a game of "Valentine Bingo" and enjoyed taking some pictures in our very own photo booth!

Author Skype with Tommy Greenwald

Titus 4th graders have been very enthusiastic about their reading recently in preparation for an author Skype session with Crimebiters! My Dog is Better Than Your Dog author, Tommy Greenwald. Students all recieved signed copies of his book and had the opportunity to Skype with Mr. Greenwald in a question and answer session to learn more about what life is like as an author, how he wrote his first Crimebiters! book, and even asked for some advice for our aspiring authors. The students enjoyed speaking with a known professional author, and even got a sneak peek at the cover for the sequel to Crimebiters! My Dog is Better Than Your Dog which will be out this summer!

A few quick things about this week...


This week we will continue to work on paraphrasing information, and moving from facts to bigger ideas by synthesizing information.

As a friendly reminder, students have a weekly reading goal of six stop and jot entries. Students should be reading 20 minutes nightly, and recording their thinking 1-2 times within their 20 minute time-frame.

Ask me about: How do you paraphrase information? What does it mean to synthesize as a reader?

What you can do: After your child reads, ask them to tell you about what they read in their own words, or ask them to paraphrase what they learned at school.

Check out the website, "Into the Book"! It's an amazing site that is free and can help your child practice their reading strategies!

Writing & Spelling

This week we will be writing a pre-prompt opinion writing piece and begin exploring the genre of opinion writing. Throughout our unit, students will:

  • Support opinions on topics with reasons and information
  • Provide reasons that are supported by facts/details
  • Write leads and conclusions that include an opinion statement
  • Recognize opinion techniques presented through mentor texts
  • Differentiate between fact and opinion
  • Organize writing into paragraphs and use transition words
  • Write with stamina

Ask me about: What are elements of opinion writing? How does a writer generate a topic for opinion writing?

What you can do: Ask your child what their opinions are about various topics. Begin brainstorming with them about their favorite vacation spot, favorite sport, favorite restaurant, etc.

Spelling Homework - NONE


We are continuing our unit of study on fractions this week, as we learn about:

  • finding fractional parts of a set
  • finding fractional parts of polygons
  • identifying equivalent fractions
  • developing and using a rule to generate equivalent fractions

Ask me about: How many ways can you represent or name a given fraction? How can you model a fraction of a whole? How can you model a fraction of a set?

What you can do: The next time you are having dinner, ask your child what fraction of the whole each person is having.

Science ~ Matter (Part #2)

We are getting our lab coats and science hats on as we head back into the world of Matter this week! We will be reviewing solids, liquids, and gases, while discovering how each state of matter can change. We will be discovering how solids turn to liquids, and liquids turn to solids. We will also begin to discuss and explore evaporation and condensation this week to learn about liquids turning to gases and gases turning to liquids.

Ask me about: How do liquids turn to solids? How do solids turn to liquids? What is evaporation?
What you can do: The next time you put ice in your glass, ask your child why the ice melted. If you are boiling water, ask your child why there is steam coming from the water.

A Few Reminders....

4th Annual Titus Book Swap . . .

In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we will hold our 4th Annual Titus Book Swap on March 2nd. We ask that you search your book shelves for gently used trade books, chapter books, children’s cookbooks, etc. to donate to this event. Beginning Monday February 1st, boxes will be located in the rotunda labeled by grade/reading level. Please deposit the books in the appropriate boxes.

We ask each child to donate between 2-4 books. We are looking forward to another successful year of swapping out our favorite titles!!!

Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

We remain in 1st place overall for the year... so keep on clippin'!

Don't forget to send in your Ziploc bag full of Box Tops by February 24, 2016.

We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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