The Falcon Monday Message

Week of January 11, 2016

2015-2016 Campus Big Goals

  1. Enhance quality instruction
  2. Create a positive, college centered, campus culture
  3. Support strong academic delivery through effective coaching and feedback

Character Trait of the Month: CARING


Mr. Hernandez

2nd Grade Teacher

Mr. Zoschke

Music Teacher


  • Soaring Falcon Awards (Above the District): Congratulations + Keep it up!

BIG SHOUT OUTS are due to these individual Foster teachers and classroom sections where students performed ABOVE the district. In these classrooms, Foster Falcons are truly SOARING to COLLEGE READINESS! Amazing job, team, for BEING EVEN MORE AWESOME and helping us move closer to 85% passing and 10% advanced! Be sure to give a big congratulations to the following teachers and the following sections for earning these outstanding academic achievements (and start stealing ideas from those who are WAY ahead of the pack!):

  • Reading Soaring Falcons:

Thomason (KA) - 6.2 points above district - 100% passing

M. Rodriguez (KC) - 5.5 points above district - 100% passing

Reyes (1C and 1D) - 2.1 and 3.7 points above district

Traube (2A and 2B) - 7.1 and 5.7 points above district

N. Hernandez (2C and 2D) - 18.3 and 1.6 points above district - 100% passing in 2C

J. Gonzalez (2G) - 13 points above district

Bernal (2F) - 12.4 points above district

Arreguin (3A) - 22.6 points above district

Scully (3C) - 18 points above district

I. Garcia (3E and 3G) - 20.1 and 10.5 points above district

Dennis (4B) - 18.9 points above district

Martinez (4C and 4D) - 17.4 and 22.4 points above district

Diaz (4E and 4F) - 2.4 and 22.4 points above district

Carter (5B) - 8.1 points above district

Perez (5C and 5D) - 14.6 and 11.3 points above district

Villa (5F) - 16.6 points above district

  • Math Soaring Falcons:

Thomason (KA) - 14.6 points above district - 100% passing

Bague (KE) - 9 points above district

Gomez (KF) - 14.6 points above district - 100% passing

Berkins (1A and 1B ) - 11.4 and 3.3 points above district

A. Hernandez (1C and 1D) - 17.6 points above district in both sections - 100% passing in both sections

Zatarain (1F) - 1 point above district

Laureano (1G) 1 point above district

A. Scully (2A and 2B ) - 10.5 and 2.9 points above district

Friese (2C and 2D) - 12.2 and 6.1 points above district

Brown (2E and 2G) - 11.6 and 11.9 points above district

Bernal (2F) - 11.6 points above district

Sims (3A) - 23.4 points above district

Swoboda (3C and 3D) - 16.8 and 1 point above district

Whitlow (3E and 3G) - 28.4 and 19.8 points above district

Rodriguez (3F) - 1 point above district

Usher (4B ) - 21.5 points above district

Finkelstein (5B ) - 12.4 points above district

Mateus (5C and 5D) - 15.2 and 33.4 points above district

Wiessner (5E and 5F) - 22 and 38.7 points above district

  • Language Arts Soaring Falcons:

Arreguin (3A) - 24 points above district

Scully (3C) - 2.3 points above district

Garcia (3E) - 11.5 points above district

Martinez (4C and 4D) - 2.2 and 7.2 points above district

  • Science Soaring Falcons:

Usher (4B ) - 11.5 points above district

A. Martinez (4C and 4D) - 12.3 and 12.3 points above district

Diaz (4E and 4F) - 2.3 and 17.3 points above district

Mateus (5C and 5D) - 9.4 and 17.1 and points above district

Wiessner (5E and 5F) - 21.8 and 27.6 points above district

  • To the 5th grade math and science teachers for committing to lesson plans in order to strengthen their alignment.
  • To the CIC's for organizing effective planning days for the grade level teams.
  • To Ms. Zapata and Ms. Hernandez for helping out with make-up ACP tests.
  • To the Literacy Team for the amazing academic gains with our students!
  • To all of the 2nd-5th grade math teachers for all of their hard work during planning day and a successful day of data meetings. You are setting yourselves and your students up for future success!
  • To PK Teachers and PK T.A.s held their first weekly after school collaborative planning meeting. They discussed lesson plans, small groups/centers and daily assessment of learning. They exemplify the essence of teamwork with a shared goal of improving instruction. Way to go PK!!!!
  • To Pre-K Team for a smooth implementation of morning changes!
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  • 3F/AU5 will make announcements all week (3 students report to Mr. Hall's Office by 7:40am)
  • Spots/Feedback: Group B
  • PTA Meeting Monday at 5:30pm in the Auditorium
  • After School Tutoring begins on Tuesday
  • "Wishing for Wings" Wednesday at 10:05am in the Auditorium (2nd Grade Only)
  • SBDM Wednesday at 12:00pm in the Auditorium
  • DTR Applications due on Thursday
  • "Nuts the Squirrel" on Thursday at 1:05pm in the Auditorium (Kinder Only)
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Night on Thursday from 4:00pm-7:30pm
  • Symphony Yes! Woodwinds on Friday in the Auditorium (3rd Grade @ 9:15am, 2nd Grade @ 10:15am)
  • Top 16 Luncheon on Friday ("B" Sections) at 1:00pm in the Main Cafeteria
  • Common Assessment Lock In due in SchoolNet on Friday by COB


  • Update Bulletin Boards/Hallways by this Thursday: To show off our college-centered culture--and to welcome our parents for conference night this Thursday-- please update all bulletin boards with student work or other displays (emphasizing writing!) this week! **If you made it to this section of the newsletter this week-- say "I read it" to Ms. Contreras by Monday at 3:30 p.m. to receive a jeans pass for thoroughly reading our very important faculty newsletter!
  • Note on Printing: Please be cognizant of how many jobs you are sending to the front office printer-- and be sure to collect the papers after you print them out! We need to be great stewards of our resources and our environment!


  • Math Teachers- Remember to bring your created problems and individual exemplars to the gap Analysis Meeting next week during regularly scheduled PLC time.


  • If you are beginning tutoring this week, please be sure to see Ms. Thompson before Tuesday for your bio clock code.