Marine Biologist

By: Brooke K

Marine Biologist year salary range

The Marine biologist yearly salary is 35,000-110,000. But the ranges could change because of the different job types there are. Most of the Marine Biologist do this job because they love doing it, not necessarily for the money. Also when they work some go all over the US to help animals in need, or working on research in different areas around the world.

Education you need to be a Marine Biologist

There are many things you need to be educated in, to be an Marine Biologist. Here are some of them you need a A-level grade in biology. You also need education in biology and coastal ecology. Some collage classes you should take are oceanography, Honor Marine and AP biology.

At the end of your collage days you should have a Bachelors or Masters degree.

Some of the diffrent types of jobs that all relate to a Marine Bioloigst

If you like doing things hands-on this is a great caree for you!!

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

Being a Marine biologist in packs your environment by working with sea animals and the plants in the ocean. It also sometimes helps the ocean waters by getting ride of some animal dieses and stuff like that.

Marine Biology Rules

Go help you friendly sea animals today!!!