Dark Soul

Benjimin Stroud

Dark Soul

The darkness surrounds me swallowing me whole

I try to fight it

but I just invite it

inside of my soul

trying to fill the whole

in my heart

so maybe I can start

feeling normal

it sends me into a downward spiral

with little chance of survival

so I wait for deaths arrival

but he never shows

so the darkness in me grows

turning my soul black

turning it cold

till I fold

and let it out

till it consumes me inside and out

ur the only one

when I think im done for

waiting for

me by the light

so I fight it

tills my soul is light

I stop crying

u smile

we hug for a while

I dont wanna let go

when I have to

I miss u

I just wanna kiss u

when im with u everythings better

the darkness retreats

I feel relief and smile

I love u

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