Writing a good project description

(These are what people actually look at on your ePortfolio.)

What is the project description?

The project description is the text that shows underneath your attached files.
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Why include a project description?

While you can use this space to describe the project, it is an excellent place to create a narrative about it or about the process you went through to create it.

  • What inspired you?
  • What did you learn?
  • What makes this project awesome?
  • Why is this project important for the viewer or potential employer?

Often, the description may be the only thing the viewer looks at when checking out your work.

(For example, it is highly unlikely they will read your entire paper unless they
specifically need to see your writing ability.)

Impactful project descriptions have 4 parts

PREVIEW TEXT: A introduction to the topic of your project that appears in the project preview.

DESCRIPTIVE BODY: Factual aspects, let the reader know what this project is and how you did it.

REFLECTION: What did you take away from this project? How has it changed you?

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