Media Literacy:Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie By: Sanaa ElChami

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His symbol represents that he is one of a kind by showing how he changed around Scott and how fast it was to change. He truly a good friend to have.


1. When Vernon grabbed Scott's shirt and said "You the one who wrote the article?" Then he clenched his fist harder.Then Wesley came up as that happened and Vernon un-tightened his grip. And Scott went with Wesley to look at his new stripe that wasn't all to straight on his car.


Always stealing/borrowing a car and try's to hang with Scott a lot. He is always moving at some point helping and not helping others in many ways.


Takes Scott to school in his car every morning to school at many rates of speed. Also likes to help Scott with bully problems as well.


He is just full of fire power. He can be serious at most, but can be super sweet and gentle. When dealing with another person he really gets into it.


When in the office with Scott, he actually feels as friends with Scott, thinking that sense Scott was in the office he was in trouble, so he felt equal with him.


What i think his dreams are is to be better in the world and not do any pain to no one, as to Scott has taught him the right way. Also to become a business man like his father.(Just Kidding! xD) But really, I think he just loves to help out other people.