Let's Sparkle in December!

The best time of the year!!

Welcome to December!

Everyone is gift shopping! It's time to help them "sparkle, shine and skip the lines"! How do we do this?

***Let's Book it!

It's booking blitz time! There is plenty of time to book up December! Our customers have gifts to buy and dot dollars to be earned!! I always go into booking a show like I'm doing them a huge favor! We're helping give them a night of fun with the girls and giving them a shopping spree as a hostess gift! Everyone wants to get out of the cold and what better way to do it than surrounded by the women in our lives, shopping together in the comforts of home!

***Book 2 new in-home trunk shows for anytime in December, (booked in the Lounge by Dec 6) and you'll be entered to win a piece from the Spring line! Trunk shows must be qualified (500 PQV). Your little Blue Card will thank you! Ready, Set, Book!:):):)

Trunk Show tip:

Bring a gift such as this one to your shows to display at checkout. You can refer to it as the "hostess rewards" or "shopping spree for the hostess". It really helps me book shows at shows! Such a time saver!!!!
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Let's celebrate together!!

Can't wait for the holiday party at Director Gina Khalifa's house! It's time to Register! I hope you girls can make it! I'm so excited to get our team together! It will be one not to miss!! If anyone wants to come in from out of town, you're welcome to stay with me! I have 3 guest rooms so we can have a slumber party!
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What are your GOALS?

Wow! I still can't believe we are a part of a Diamond Team!

I'd love for you to tell me your goals so that I can help you make a plan to achieve them! Whether you want to have 1 trunk show a month, 4 trunk shows a month, build a team, sponsor and promote.....With Stella & Dot, the sky is the limit and we're just getting started! This is one place where your dreams can really become a reality. I feel like I've witnessed it this week with all of the fabulous celebrations and promotions our teams have experienced! We have so many exciting things to look forward to! I'm here for each of you! I'll be contacting each of you to set up a call to chit chat about your goals, but seriously feel free to Contact me anytime!

Here's to a fabulous December! I'm so excited for the different energy the holiday shopper brings to our display table! This is my first holiday too! I'm with you all!!

xoxo Pam

November, What a Fabulous Month!

Congratulations to everyone on a great November! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'd like to give a warm welcome to Michelle Nerium! I met Michelle in California and she just recently relocated to her hometown of Washington! Welcome, Michelle!!! It's the best time to jump into this business! We're so happy to have you!

What are the benefits of Qualifying?

I just had to add this in because it was a question I had asked at one point. Sell 500 PQV in a month and you're a qualified stylist!

This means you start to earn Business Supply credits, with which you can buy your look books! The idea is that you shouldn't have to pay for look books. The more you sell, the more business supply credits that will load into your account.

Corporate referral orders will be assigned to stylists who qualify in the previous month. This happened to me during my second month as a stylist. It also happened to be a $450 order!

Congratulations on qualifying in November!

Helen Serth

Marianne Walls

Kim Barsema

Danielle Marchese

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Congratulations to Marianne Walls for being a Stellar Seller in November!!

You rocked your business with over $5000 in sales and earned a 7% commission raise! Woo hoo!!!
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STYLE FIX PASS for the upcoming Spring Collection!!!

These small capsule collections leave me wanting more and his one is no exception!!! How exciting that we have a big collection coming out in January!!

It's time to earn that STYLE FIX pass! Believe me, when that collection launches, you're going to want it! How do you earn it? Sell $2000 in the quarter and you get the coupon... that's $99 for $500 worth of product. Yippee!!

In order to check your progress, go to "Reports" and "My Monthly Rewards" in the lounge.

For those of you who haven't had 2 double dip shows this year, I recommend you hold one in December. A "Jingle & Jewels" Holiday Shopping event and invite everyone and anyone! That neighbor you barely know will be so happy to get the invitation! ;) I only say that because I had a neighbor who I didn't know that I invited to mine and she was my biggest sale that day! :) No need to worry about having a large display! Most people want to see a small sampling and will shop out of the look books!

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There's plenty of time left to earn it!:)

The photo above should say "$500 Spring Shopping Spree" not Holiday! :)

Congratulations! You've already earned your Style Fix Pass!

Kim Barsema

Danielle Marchese

Marianne Walls

Spring Preview is here!!!!

TSEOs for December!

Tip: Print and laminate this photo with all of the TSEOs! Great to have at your checkout station!!

Reminder: Make sure you save all of your receipts (staples, etc) for tax purposes! Plus, all mileage, and travel expenses such as tolls, airfare! This can be written off!

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This sums up #sdjoy...
Behind The Design 2016

So proud to be on this team with you all! Let's Rock out December! xoxo, Pam