Dollyrockers Piercing

New Daily Offers

Starting from next week (10/6) we'll be introducing daily offers!


Ok, so we're jumping on the 'two for' bandwagon...but it means you'll be receiving two piercings for the price of one! This is valid on single needle piercings (so that means gun piercing, dermals, divers aren't included, as well as genital piercings) This is only valid on one person, you can't share your free piercing with a friend but it does mean you'll walk away with two beautiful piercings for the price of one.


We were toying with the idea of Orange Wednesday (where customer would bring us in an orange in order to receive their discount but we figured this might get a bit messy) so we decided on 'We Choose Wednesday'. Every Wednesday one of our piercers will pick a piercing they like to do and this piercing will be £15 all day!


Speaks for itself really..bring us a drink (sealed, we don't want your left overs that's been in your bag for 2 weeks) and get a single piercing (excludes the usual dermals, divers, genitals, double piercings) for just £15!


Next week will see the introduction of the long awaited customer loyalty cards...our way to say thanks to all our loyal customers. For every full price needle piercing you pay for we'll give you one stamp and after you have gained 6 stamps we'll reward you with a free needle piercing! Woop!