Mexican Revolution: Emiliano Zapata

Zapata's Involvement During The Revolution

Brief History of Mexico from 1910-1920

From very early on in Mexico's history, there has been a lot of political turmoil. There have been times when Mexico's government was stable, but around this time period (1910-1920) Mexico was experiencing a lot of Political issues. The country was dealing with many Dictators, such as Diaz, ruling and ruining the country during this time. Due to the instability of the nation, Zapata, along with others, such as Francisco Madero, started a revolution against the Mexican government. According to, "In 1910, Zapata joined Madero's campaign against President Diaz, taking on an important role as general of the Ejercito Libertador del Sur (Liberation Army of the South)." (

Why Didn't Zapata Become President?

Based on the sources used and prior knowledge, it did not seem like Zapata felt the need to become president. He only wanted to get the land reform his people needed, and it's the main reason he got involved in politics. His life plan was to get this reform and help the lower-class, once he completed this goal he planned to retire at home with his family and friends. As stated in, "Zapata was wary about Madero, but he cooperated once Madero made promises about land reform, the only issue Zapata truly cared about." (

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