Ms. McSorley's News

January 4 - 8

Important Dates & Friendly Reminders

Thursday, January 7: PTO Meeting, 6:30

Monday, January 18: NO SCHOOL

Monday, January 25: NO SCHOOL

Welcome back and happy new year!! I hope you have all had a fantastic winter break. I am so excited to see all of the students again this week and hear about their winter adventures.

This time of year is exciting as students really start to take off in their reading. It's so fun to look back on where they were at the beginning of first grade and compare it to where they are now.

In order to help them grow to their full potential, please make sure that your child is reading at least 15 minutes each night. This is so essential to their growth as a reader; the more they are reading at home, the more they will grow!


We will begin our next theme in reading, Weather for Every Season.

Our comprehension focus will be determining understanding. Students will learn the importance of stopping to check that what they have read makes sense. Three strategies we will learn include rereading, asking ourselves questions, and thinking about the meaning. Students will learn that they should try one or more of these strategies when they don't understand something they have read.

Our spelling words this week will include words with th and sh digraphs. Our list is as follows:

  1. bath
  2. moth
  3. rush
  4. shed
  5. thin
  6. thing
  7. you
  8. other
  9. finish
  10. +1 personal word to be decided as a class on Monday morning

In writing, students will learn how to write with voice. This means we will let our personalities show in our work. Two ways to write with voice are making our writing sound like us and letting our feelings show in our writing. We will explore our voice through stories and through poems.

This week we will review what we know about common and proper nouns. Take some time to ask your child what the difference is and ask them for examples of each.


This week, we will start and finish our next math topic, patterns.

Students will learn how to find, describe, and extend patterns. We will find patterns with colors, size, shapes, letters, and numbers. We will learn AB, AAB, and ABC patterns.