Come to Circle 5 Today!

By Cailee and Cheryl

Circle 5

Looking for the best place to vacation in Hell? Circle 5 is the place for you! We have everything from river rides to towers that shoot fire. It's sure to be fun for the entire family.

The River Styx

Come for a refreshing swim in the River Styx, the same one in Greek mythology that is accredited for Achilles' immortality. Don't be a deadbeat and skip this vital must-see!

~In circle 5 you can visit this attraction along with others, just wait and see!

The Tower

Circle 5 is home to one of Hell's most famous architectural wonders. "The Tower" stands tall next to the River Styx and shoots fire each time a guest is ready to cross the river. Alerted by the flames, Phlegyas, our professional ferryman, has been transporting people across the river for all of eternity and will get you to the other side before you can say "Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!"
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Ferry Rides!

If you come to circle 5, you get to enjoy a ferry ride across the river! As mentioned above, Phlegyas is our ferryman and will be the host of your ferry ride!
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The swamp

Beside the River Styx, there is the Swamp. On your ferry ride across you can view this swamp from the boat. Just another aspect of circle 5 to enhance your visit.

City of Dis

Circle 5 just so happens to be right outside of the historical City of Dis. From Circle 5 you can actually see the wall surrounding the City of Dis! This view contains the entire City of Dis including the front gates and is only available from this specific mountain. If your'e lucky then you may even be able to go into the City of Dis through the gates that let people in and out.
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Famous Visitors

Are you considering visiting Circle 5? Well you should be! Even the famous Hercules from Greece has visited this circle. You can stand on the same ground that one of the most powerful beings has stood on!
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Directions to Hell

Find your local airport and take a trip to Greece. In Greece you will find a Dark Wood.Go through the Dark Wood until you see a lion, she-wolf, and a leopard. You're at the entrance of Hell now! Once you're here, Minos will send you to your proper circle, which for you is circle 5! Have fun!