Resolutioners to Lifestylers

Wednesday Wellness | February 17, 2016

In This Update:

  1. Resolutioners to Lifestylers
  2. Top 10 for 2015 & Top 10 for January 2016
  3. Coliseum Captions for 2015
  4. Coliseum Covenants | Attached
  5. Operation Connect & Serve
  6. Improve Your Mind-Body Connection with These 7 Steps |
  7. Whole Body Intelligence Assessment

Resolutioners to Lifestylers

In every wellness initiative and program, the end result is for participants to experience behavioral change. The World Health Organization claims, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

A resolution begins when an individual develops an internal resolve to complete a goal. A lifestyle habit is defined as, “a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particualur person or group.” To combine those thoughts into an introspective piercing question, when does the inside ambition match the outside value? What is the bridge between a resolution and a habit?

There is probably not one clear answer for everyone, as a certain # of repetitious cycles do not fit all people. Meaning, there is not one magic number to repeat something and then it becomes part of your regular life. It may take repeating a task 9 times for some, 21 for others, or for some it just tends to come and go. So, what's the magic pill? The truthful answer is that pill does not exist. Now before depression sets in, allow me to offer a very practical solution. Based on research and my own observations working in the wellness industry for over 20+ years, here are the 4 must haves for continued transformation:

1. The want (desire)

2. The right plan (personalized)

3. The right place (at your work :)

4. The right accountability (we are not giving up on anyone)

The level of accomplishment from each of these 4 will be directly dependent upon the engagement of each. Hitting all 4 simultaneously, as best you can, will produce the highest level of intended behavior. Micro habits affect macro habits. They might be all changing at the same time, as every bit counts. Even if you are burnt out from the "start-n-stop", you can reboot and restart, as every day is new!

Q: Which dog in the fight will win?

A: The one you feed the most

The more you practice the more it will become who you are. Don't quit on yourself. Never, never, never. Take that towel that you are tempted to throw in, wipe the blood & sweat off with it, and get back up!

Richard Smith, Ph.D., claims, “Successful major changes often result from taking small, repeated actions first. To change your life in a big way, find some small wins.” For additional reading, check out Dr. Smith’s article on Micro Actions Can Lead to Macro Changes by clicking on the link below.


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Coliseum Captions for 2015

  • Nearly 15,000 check-ins for 2015 (14,844 to be exact- which is our minimum number).
  • Membership increased from 463 to 509, increase of 10%. Pic below.
  • We sold over $45k in personal training in 2015. All of which were conducted onsite.
  • 11,036 people attended group fitness classes in 2015.
  • We conducted 3,859 service appointments in 2015.
  • 304 1st timers to the Coliseum in 2015!
  • We conducted 2,340 onsite group fitness classes! That's a lot of calories burned!
  • And the list goes on...
  • Your potential is our passion!
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Operation Connect & Serve

For our operating philosophy, we have adopted a theme for 2016: "Operation Connect & Serve!"

Our goal is to simply connect deeper and serve stronger. It has been an honor & priveledge to partner with our associates thus far, and let's look forward to the strongest year yet!

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