Cambridge English Day

23 August 2014

Buenos Aires 1174 -S2000CES Rosario- T.54 341 4494993/8892 Ext 11

Authorised Open Centre for Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English at the Heart of Professional Development

Wealth Untold: A Treasure Trove of Cambridge English! Analía Dobboletta, Centre Exams Manager

Wondering what Cambridge English can do for you? Just come and let yourself be drifted by winds of change towards lands of opportunities.

Teaching Speaking? Make sure you bring a safety helmet and a matchbox to class Mariana De Biassi, Cambridge English Speaking Examiner

Preparing students for Upper Main Suite Cambridge speaking tests is a job most English teachers dread. Especially because of the elusive nature of speaking, we feel better prepared to tackle all the other papers. Most probably, it all goes down to the nature of the written and spoken media. While one can be planned and is permanent, the other is spontaneous and transient.
It is these features of the spoken media that also put a strain on students and make them feel trapped in quicksand. How can we help them stand on their own two feet and tread on firm ground? Scaffolding is likely to be the answer.
A second source of difficulty for us, teachers, is how to help our students hone their thinking skills. How can we set our students thinking? Motivation seems to be the key. You cannot start a fire without a spark, so strike the match!

Boosting Students’ Confidence in Speaking Exams Patricia Zorio, Cambridge English Speaking Examiner – Ontological Coach – Applied Drama Specialist

It has been scientifically proved that technological developments have greatly helped students become smarter. However, creativity rates have fallen dramatically and the main reason for this seems to be the number of hours that children and adolescents spend manipulating technological devices. Why should they bother to create when they have all the answers at their fingertips?
Consequently, what is it that they claim they lack while being confronted with a speaking task? CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION. Therefore, it is a teacher´s duty to help them discover their creative potential so as to boost their confidence in speaking exams.
Research has shown that free play and problem-solving as part of a game force young ones to become more flexible. And it is in that context where creativity flourishes. This workshop will provide attendees with useful tips to stimulate creativity.

Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 9am-1pm

1174 Buenos Aires

Rosario, Santa Fe Province

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Registration Fee: $100.-
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