Spanish 2 - (Block 7) - Kaitlyn and Hanna

Section #1

  • What is advertising? - The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.
  • What are the different methods of advertising? - Online advertising, newspaper ads, radio, TV, public speaking, event sponsorship, door hangers or flyers.
  • How do advertising and marketing improve the quality of life? - They explain to you what you're buying and what the purpose of the product is. It helps to avoid blindly buying a random product.
  • How do they influence us? - By making the products appear to be irresistible.
  • How does a seller convince his/her client to buy a product? - Using propaganda.

Section #2

Section #3

Big image
What is the product? - Lipstick.

The target audience; Women.

The goal or message; Convince women, most likely younger women, that this lipstick will make them look more beautiful and have more beautiful lips (specifically within 7 days.)

What makes it interesting? - What makes it somewhat interesting is that Drew Barrymore is the propagandist in this advertisement.

Section #4

Merle Norman Cosmetics - Free Beauty Services TV Commercial (Spanish)
What is the product? - Cosmetics.

The target audience; Women. (Slightly older women)

The goal or message; Convince women that this would be 100% beneficial for them.

What makes it interesting? - It's in Spanish. That's somewhat interesting.